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The Global War on Farming: ‘Net Zero and the American beef industry cannot coexist’


Excerpt: I was fortunate enough to be invited as the keynote speaker to their annual event in Rapid city last month by their CEO Bill Bullard. I had an amazing time meeting so many amazing American ranchers and I wanted to share the speech I gave there with you.

If you want to watch the full speech, here is the video recording. If you’d rather read through the speech, scroll down.

‘‘For those of you who don’t know my home country, The Netherlands is a tiny country in North-West Europe and when I say tiny, I mean tiny.

For reference, the state of South Dakota alone is 5x the size of my entire country.

We might be small in size, but we’re big at one thing. And that’s farming.

Farming is the backbone, not just of our economy, but of our nation’s historyidentity and culture.

The foundations of modern agriculture in the Netherlands were laid in the early 1500 and oftentimes farmers who are alive today come from families whose farming history dates back hundreds of years.

As a result of this, we are now amongst the world’s most lucrative, productive and technologically advanced farmers in the world.

In fact, after you guys here in America, we are the second largest exporter of agricultural products in the entire world and the largest exporter of beef in the European Union.

It’s not an overstatement to say that we together, The United States of America and The Netherlands, feed the world.

For now. Because Unfortunately the most powerful people in the world, want to stop us.

So let me tell you a real life cautionary tale. Let me tell you about what exactly has been going on with the Dutch farmers and what prompted them to go out and protest.

In 2019, a group of environmental activists sued the Dutch government, claiming that Dutch natural reserves were under threat because of a so-called ‘nitrogen crisis’  and that the Dutch government violated Dutch law and European regulations by failing to sufficiently protect nature.

The Dutch court agreed with the environmental activists and so it began: The Netherlands officially entered the so-called ‘’nitrogen crisis’.

Not big corporations, not the airline industries…

No. Both the EU and the Dutch government agree that cow burps are deemed the biggest driver of climate change.

And after the 2019 ruling, things escalated quickly. 

Last year, the Dutch government decided that 30% of all livestock needs to be cut by 2030 in order to meet the climate goals.

And then the government decided that would mean at least 3000 farms needed to be shut down in the next few years.

If farmers refuse to sell their land to the state ‘’voluntarily’’ to the state now, they run the risk of being expropriated later.

Yes, you heard that right. Expropriated. Your property rights will simply be taken away from you.

What I really want to get across here ladies and gentlemen, is that I of course could get into all the nitty gritty details of what the nitrogen crisis exactly entails according to the government, but that would be a mistake. 

Our government doesn’t give a rat’s ass – excuse my French –  about ‘’Dutch nature’’.

There is no nitrogen crisis.

It is all one big lie. It’s a pretext

And debating them within the parameters that they’ve set out for us, is not a winning strategy.

We are not dealing with people who are acting in good faith. 

Nobody who’s acting in good faith would come after one of the most hard working, respectable and lucrative sectors of our society.

Especially not when that sector puts food on our plates. Especially not in a time when we’re already dealing with food shortages all over the world.

So the question remains, why are they doing this?

The answer is: the attack on farming is part of a bigger agenda of total control and we in The Netherlands are simply the pilot country. We are the tester case.

The reality of the matter is that the Dutch state is committing a land grab. And the climate/netzero is being used as a pretext.

It’s the typical globalist strategy: under the guise of morally just sounding sentences like “we have to save the climate”, a hidden totalitarian agenda is being rolled out.

So what’s behind all of this?

First, in the Dutch case, actual state documents have shown that the Dutch government needs the land to build new houses for migrants.

Like I said, we are a tiny country, but we are bursting at the seams in terms of population density.

Due to mass migration from Africa and the Middle East, we are now nearing 18 million inhabitants this year.

But since half of all the land in The Netherlands is owned by farmers and the state simply doesn’t have space to build new houses for all of the migrants that they’re importing, they need a solution.

And the solution they have come up with is: stealing other people’s land. 

Let me get to the 2nd and most important reason why a war is being waged against our farmers?

Remember how I said the government wants to cut down livestock by 30% before 2030? 

The specific mention of 2030 is not a coincidence. It’s because that is the deadline that the global elites have given them to implement a new agenda.

And that agenda is called the 2030 Agenda.

So what is it exactly?

The 2030 Agenda consists of 17 sustainable development goals, laid out by the United Nations. When we take a superficial look at these goals, they all seem very noble.

I mean… “no poverty” and “no hunger”, who could be against that?

However, if we take a closer look at these goals you’ll realise that they can never do this without forceful ‘’redistribution of goods, food and rights’’ aka: the obliteration of basic civil liberties and property rights.

And of course, they always try selling it to us under the guise of equality. It’s only fair if everybody has equal resources, they argue. Yet, nobody ever voted for any of this.

Reeks like communism doesn’t it?

Well, you’d be right to say that, because that’s exactly what it is.

It will simply mean that a very small group of  super rich elites gets richer and everyone else becomes equally poor and miserable.

And these goals are not restricted to the Netherlands – they’re goals for the world as a whole.

And once again, we see the true motive here: establishing a world government. 

A new world order.

In which our global elites decide what we eat, when we eat, where we are allowed to travel, how we are allowed to travel, what we are allowed to own and who we are allowed to meet.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Klaus Schwab’s plans for the great reset and his statement that. “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”. Well this is it. This is that agenda.

It is just absolutely crucial to know, that the first part of that sentence is the truth and the second part of that sentence is a lie.

The globalists are specifically targeting farmers, because they want our way of living and eating to change radically and they understand that they can’t do that without getting rid of you guys. 

You are some of the most independenthard working and most importantly God fearing people on the planet. And those people are not easy to control.

On top of that, you produce foods that they don’t want us to eat. Animal fats and proteins from meat, eggs and milk, make us strong. 

Instead, they want us to eat synthetic meats created by Bill Gates, they want us to eat bugs and drink soy milk that will make us weak and obedient, so we do what they say and buy what they offer.

And that brings me to the title of this presentation: those who control the food, control the people.

The communists knew this better than anyone. The first thing Stalin did was come after the farmers.

And the globalists of today are just copy pasting that strategy, but this time around they use pretty/virtuous words to hide their true intentions.

And you might be thinking, well that  may be true for The Netherlands, but here it won’t get that far.

Well ladies and gentlemen, that depends on whether people like you hold the line.

Because the agenda is global and it’s a matter of time before it arrives in the US too.

The globalists have money, time and power. 

If there is one thing you American farmers should know from our experience in the Netherlands, it is that the globalists are waging a war of attrition.

They start with hitting you with new rules and regulations forcing you to adapt your business.

Then they hit you with expensive legal procedures. In the meantime, they mobilize the media to vilify you as one of the main drivers of climate change, by using “science” and bribing ‘’experts who will point the finger at you. 

And I know that this is already happening here in the US too. I know Bill Gates is trying to buy up Farmland, I know here in South Dakota obscure foreign funded companies like ‘’Summit Carbon Solutions’’ are trying to crack down on your property rights, I know John Kerry has launched a government attack on the agricultural sector.

Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth:


‘’Agriculture contributes to 30% of Carbon Dioxide and without the agricultural sector we can’t get to netzero’’

It’s simple math.

“Net zero” and the American beef industry cannot coexist. It’s one or the other.

Learn from the mistakes the Dutch farmers have made. Stay united, don’t let the media divide you. Fight.

Or you’ll end up in this man’s shoes:


The question farmers all around the world have to ask themselves is whether or not they will hold the line, or if they’ll sell out and damn their descendants for eating bugs.

And let me tell you, I have more hope for you American farmers than for any other group of farmers.

A deep love for liberty, God and your country runs through your veins.

And your Founding Fathers gave you the means to protect it.

In The Netherlands, we don’t have a second amendment. And even though the Dutch farmers have put up and continue to put up a brave fight, they’ve gone along with the government’s lies for way too long, they’ve allowed themselves to become divided and they have been forced to face the reality that we stand pretty defenseless in the face of a tyrannical the moment they point a gun at you. 

Because that has been our reality. The police have pointed guns at our farmers and have shot and nearly killed a 16 y/o farmer’s boy.

So let me end this speech with a message from the dutch farmers, one that I think you all should emulate.


I am not a farmer, but I sure as hell am proud of you.

God bless you all!”

There it is – that was my speech at the R-CALF convention. I hope it resonated with you all. Here are some photos taken at the convention! Please let me know your thoughts, is there anything you’d personally pass along to the farmers? If so, let me know in the comments below.