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Watch: Morano on Varney on Fox: ‘Biden’s EV mandates are a controlled demolition of the U.S. auto industry’


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‘It’s a Chinese takeover’ – Global auto sector braces for Chinese EV tsunami – EU weighs tariffs as China’s ‘exports of cars surged 86%’

Radio Free Asia: The number of Chinese automakers at the International Automobile Association Mobility Conference in Munich this week has spooked some European auto sector bosses.  “It’s a Chinese takeover,” came the text from an alarmed senior executive, standing amid a vast array of gleaming Chinese vehicles at the show, reported sector analyst Michael Dunne on social media.  “China invades Germany,” said another auto watcher. “China could be exporting 9 million cars a year by 2030,” Dunne, who heads an EV market consultancy, added.

Republicans to force floor vote reversing California’s electric vehicle mandate – ‘Would effectively prohibit Calif & other Dem-led states’ from mandating EVs – Republicans to force floor vote reversing California’s electric vehicle mandate Fox News, 11 September 2023 House Republicans are expected to force a floor vote on a stand-alone bill that would effectively prohibit California and other Democrat-led states from implementing planned electric vehicle (EV) mandates. The House is set to vote on the so-called Preserving […]

If banning gas cars is such a good idea, then why the end run around Congress or the California legislature? Let’s vote! – Washington Examiner (9/12/23) By Chet Thompson: Three years ago, California announced it would ban the sale of new vehicles that run on gasoline, diesel, and biofuels by 2035, effectively mandating a 100% transition to electric vehicles. The plan is extreme, particularly given the glaring absence of sufficient EV charging infrastructure, EV supply chain uncertainties, and the […]

Bloomberg News: ‘Seismic changes’ in auto world – Rise of China’s EVs threaten Western carmakers, analysts warn – ‘Legacy carmakers likely to lose a fifth of global market to China’ – ‘25% cost advantage over N. American & European brands’


Bloomberg News: Western automakers are set to lose a fifth of their global market share due to the unstoppable rise of more-affordable, cheaper-to-produce Chinese electric vehicles, according to UBS analysts.

BYD, China’s biggest-selling auto brand, has a 25% cost advantage over North American and European brands, giving the Shenzhen-based company ample firepower to undercut rivals on their home turf as it expands globally.


Climate agenda = Chinese-made cars ‘taking over the world’! China’s EV sales threaten Western automakers market dominance from GM to VW

Analysis: How Democrats’ Push For Electric Cars Endangers National Security – China ‘could very well be the sole manufacturer of the EVs’

Net Zero’s Global Winner is — China! ‘US hasn’t noticed yet that China-Made cars are taking over the world’ – Poised to become No. 2 exporter of cars, surpassing US & S. Korea