The Climate ‘Emergency’ Is Coming for You – ‘The urge to curtail individual freedom is visible in countless blueprints for a controlled future’ By Andy Kessler Excerpts: But the notion of a national emergency today isn’t farfetched. The United Nations website blares: “What you need to know about the Climate Emergency.” The European Parliament has declared one. So have hundreds of jurisdictions in at least 39 countries, including the U.K., Canada, Japan and Bangladesh. Climate-activist teenager Greta Thunberg […]

Epoch Original Announces Release of New Documentary ‘NO FARMERS NO FOOD: WILL YOU EAT THE BUGS?’

Footage consists of 50+ interviewees in over 25 locations across the globe, including experts such as Victor Davis Hanson (classicist and military historian), Margaret Byfield (executive director, American Stewards of Liberty), Marc Morano (executive editor/chief correspondent,, Alex Newman (president, Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc), Todd Myers (environmental director, Washington Policy Center), Dr. Jaap C. Hanekamp (nitrogen scientist), Rep. Doug LaMalfa (farmer and California representative), and many others.

EpochTV will host a red carpet premiere of the documentary on Friday, Sept. 22 in Irving, Texas, during the “Stop 30×30 Summit.” This three-day event exists to protect property rights and reverse the expansion of government under the Biden Administration’s 30×30 agenda. To purchase tickets to the premiere, visit

Green Fail: UK Government Offshore Wind Farm Auction Attracts Zero Bids

Zero. That was the sum total of new UK offshore wind projects bought by developers at a key government auction Thursday, as renewable energy groups shunned the sector as unviable even with heavy taxpayer subsidies. — Wittgenstein (@backtolife_2023) September 8, 2023 by SIMON KENT Zero. That was the sum total of new UK offshore […]

Quebec man arrested for starting multiple wildfires

Quebec man arrested for starting multiple wildfires Quebec RCMP have arrested a 37-year-old man from Chibougamau after a “meticulous investigation” into the devastating forest fires that ravaged the province’s north earlier this summer. Quebec man arrested for starting multiple wildfires

Support for offshore wind sinks as costs soar By David Wojick  Things are looking bad for offshore wind in America (which makes me happy). On one hand, opposition is growing. On the other, the cost crisis is driving prices way up. Whether the offshore US boom will bust remains to be seen, but it is certainly possible. Here’s hoping. Bad news for the […]

The Earth Has No Average Temperature By Guy K. Mitchell, Jr. Frequently, I read where a politician like John Kerry; Al Gore; Joe Biden; or António Guterres, the secretary general of the U.N., has stated: “We must keep the increase of the average temperature of the Earth to 1.5°C or less; it has already risen 1.1°C since the beginning of the […]