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Greta’s Call to ‘End Fossil Fuels Now’ Would Not ‘Stop Climate Change’ – Would Cause Deaths of Millions says Friends of Science–would-cause-deaths-of-millions-says-friends-of-science-301920162.html

BY Friends of Science Society

Greta Thunberg warms up the climate community for the Sept. 15, 2023, march to “End Fossil Fuels Now,” which would cause the deaths of millions of people, says Friends of Science Society. Climate scientist Patrick Brown reveals he distorted his research just to get published; in Canada doctors and Indigenous people square off over fossil fuel development.

CALGARY, ABSept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — In a September 6, 2023, tweet climate activist Greta Thunberg called for climate activists to join the “End Fossil Fuels Now” march of Sept. 15, 2023; if fossil fuels were abruptly phased out it would cause the deaths of millions of people says Friends of Science Society, as shown in this video.

Greta is holding up a sign with a statement by Antonio Guterres about ‘dangerous radicals’ are countries increasing fossil fuel production as ‘moral and economic madness’ – but that’s not what the BRICs nations think. As Prof. Samuel Furfari writes in Factuel: “The BRICS and CO₂ are reshuffling the geopolitical deck.” Furfari notes, “With 46% of world consumption, the BRICS+ are major consumers of energy: 35% of world oil, 36% of natural gas and 72% of coal. They hold 42% of oil reserves, 50% of gas reserves and even 40% of coal reserves. Their energy future is therefore assured, which is clearly not the case for the EU, which finds itself isolated in this area, because its privileged ally – the United States – also has its energy future assured, thanks to oil and to shale gas.”

In Canada, a spat has broken out between the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) and Indigenous entrepreneurs over the development of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). CAPE was funded for $492,000 by the McConnell Foundation for a climate campaign; McConnell previously contributed $10 million in 2017 to BlackRock’s Global Renewables Power Fund II. An Aug. 28, 2023, piece in The Hill Times has CAPE members attacking pro-LNG Indigenous groups as proxies for industry. In the Sept. 02, 2023National Post, policy analyst Melissa Mbarki, policy analyst with the Macdonald Laurier Institute writes that “Trudeau’s net-zero policy violates UNDRIP*, poverty reduction strategy; Indigenous communities are developing energy to address their well-being.” (*United Nations Declaration of Rights for Indigenous Peoples)

In June 2023, the Canadian government’s Justice department issued its UNDRIP Action Plan which calls for a large scale rewriting of all Canadian law to align with UNDRIP. However, as Mbarki points out, Canada’s commitment to NetZero targets conflict with its UNDRIP obligations and promises to enhance the lives of Indigenous people and have them lead economic activities like resource development. Friends of Science says NetZero is a “Holy Grail.

These issues will be heightened in September, not only due to climate conferences and marches but also the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Human Rights is set to release his report about Canada at the UN Human Rights Council. China has accused Canada of genocide; the outcome of the Special Rapporteur’s report may have significant geopolitical impact on Canada, turning it from a wannabe climate leader to a global pariah.

The climate crisis platform is rapidly collapsing. Climate scientist Patrick Brown revealed in a Sept. 5, 2023 essay in The Free Press, that in order to get published in Nature, he distorted the facts about wildfire. Brown states: “To put it bluntly, climate science has become less about understanding the complexities of the world and more about serving as a kind of Cassandra, urgently warning the public about the dangers of climate change. However understandable this instinct may be, it distorts a great deal of climate science research, misinforms the public, and most importantly, makes practical solutions more difficult to achieve.”

Three new research papers show that recent warming is likely predominantly naturally caused, thus the NetZero targets and persistent demonization of oil, natural gas and coal are misdirected, and large amounts of public funds are being wasted, says Friends of Science Society.

Connolley et al (2023) assesses Northern Hemisphere surface temperature trends since 1850, finding that it is not clear whether warming is human-caused, natural or a bit of both. Soon et al (2023) examines Northern Hemispheric land component of global surface temperatures since this is the most data-rich component, finding that urban heat island effect creates a significant bias effect in temperature measurements. Katata et al (2023) finds that urbanization bias could account for ~20% of the long-term warming.

Friends of Science Society is calling upon people to “Break Free from Climate Tyranny: Evidence Over Ideology.” A recent Friends of Science video discusses the value of The Scientific Method as a means of finding useful knowledge.


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