Climate scientist whistleblower Patrick Brown reveals how the media’s obsession with global warming manipulates the truth about wildfires – 80% are ignited by humans By LEWIS PENNOCK FOR DAILYMAIL.COM Patrick T. Brown, a lecturer at Johns Hopkins University, claimed the world’s leading academic journals reject papers which don’t ‘support certain narratives’ He also took aim at the media for focusing ‘intently on climate change as the root cause’ of wildfires, including the recent devastating fires in Hawaii The approach ‘distorts a […]

Climate Scientist Reveals how ‘The Science’ is created! ‘I Left Out the Full Truth to Get My Climate Change Paper Published’ in journal Nature

Climate Scientist Patrick T Brown – September 5, 2023 – I am a climate scientist. And while climate change is an important factor affecting wildfires over many parts of the world, it isn’t close to the only factor that deserves our sole focus. So why does the press focus so intently on climate change as the root cause? Perhaps for the same reasons I just did in an academic paper about wildfires in Nature, one of the world’s most prestigious journals: it fits a simple storyline that rewards the person telling it. 

The paper I just published—“Climate warming increases extreme daily wildfire growth risk in California”—focuses exclusively on how climate change has affected extreme wildfire behavior. I knew not to try to quantify key aspects other than climate change in my research because it would dilute the story that prestigious journals like Nature and its rival, Science, want to tell. …

To put it bluntly, climate science has become less about understanding the complexities of the world and more about serving as a kind of Cassandra, urgently warning the public about the dangers of climate change. However understandable this instinct may be, it distorts a great deal of climate science research, misinforms the public, and most importantly, makes practical solutions more difficult to achieve. 

New Study: People Distressed, Anxious About Climate Have Less ‘Climate-Specific Knowledge’ By Kenneth Richard “The degree of one’s emotions varies inversely with one’s knowledge of the facts, the less you know the hotter you get.” – Bertrand Russell Per a new study, people who are less knowledgeable about the climate and environment are more likely to experience climate change anxiety (e.g., “I find myself crying because of […]

New Studies Find No Global Drought Trend Since 1902 – Global Flood Magnitudes Decline With Warming By Kenneth Richard Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is claimed to intensify hydrological processes. Data analysis indicates it does not. A paradigm has emerged in recent decades that says there has been and/or will be a worsening of hydrological extremes as a consequence of global warming. Simplified, the paradigm says that wet gets wetter (flooding) and […]

ESG Metrics Are Being Used to Boost Executive Bonuses By Jack McPherrin Blue-chip U.S. companies increasingly rely on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics to determine top executives’ bonuses, raising concerns among investors about manipulation to maximize payouts. Approximately 3/4 of S&P 500 companies have revealed that environmental, social and governance metrics contributed to executive compensation, a rise from two-thirds in 2021, per […]

Greenland’s 2022-’23 Ice Coverage Well Above 1981-2010 Average Despite ‘Global Boiling’ Rhetoric By Kenneth Richard Since the early 2000s there has been no net change in the Greenland ice sheet mean annual surface temperature, as well as no net change in melt extent percentage. Greenland’s ice coverage was, for most of this year (September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023), observed to be significantly above the long-term (1981-2010) climate […]

Morano to speak in Dallas: Texas ‘Stop 30×30’ Summit Opposes Biden’s ‘Radical’ Environmental Plan×30-summit-opposes-bidens-radical-environmental-plan/ By Soli Rice Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller and American Stewards of Liberty are hosting a summit in Texas later this month to oppose the Biden administration’s “radical” plans for America’s land and oceans. At the beginning of his presidency, Joe Biden issued an executive order on the “climate crisis.” Executive Order 14008 on […]

Bank to Stop Giving Loans to Fossil Fuel Cars This article was written by Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen, also known as PeterSweden. You can follow him at It is happening ladies and gentlemen. We are now at the point where a major bank has announced they will stop giving loans for new petrol and diesel cars under the excuse of climate change. […]