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Climatologist Dr. John Christy: “It has not been established that CO2 emissions have a confident and quantifiable causal link to climate change, whether one is talking about global temperature or about disruptive weather events,” he said before the House Natural Resources Committee in May 2015. …

“Carbon is the one that gets people to the energy that they desire,” Christy said. “When you think about the carbon dioxide emission going up, which it is … it represents people living longer and better lives.” … “It’s a problem for people who want to see a disaster story,” he said. “But it’s clearly, from the evidence we have, it is not a climate crisis at all.” … 

As proof, Christy pointed to crops and weather-related deaths. “Look at crops around the world. Record crop yields every year,” Christy said. “The number of deaths from climate and weather-related events is down 98% from what it was 100 years ago.” “The information I produce stands, and that’s ultimately what’s important,” he said. “I sleep at night because I’m not trying to change the world.”

The return of ‘animal sacrifice’: ‘Net Zero is a neo-pagan religion that is seriously harming people’s liberties & livelihoods’

BRENDAN O’NEILL: “We look back with bewilderment at the ritual sacrifice of animals by our ancestors. Whether it was the Celtic people’s sacrifice of livestock to appease pissed-off deities or the Ancient Romans’ slaughter of oxen so that Jupiter might be more sparing with his stormy weather, it was all a bit mad. We would never be so superstitious, we tell ourselves. I’m not sure that’s true. Consider the proposed slaughter of hundreds of thousands of cattle in Europe in the holy name of Net Zero. This is the return of pagan lunacy, surely.”

Watch: John Kerry now says you’re in a ‘cult’ if you disagree with his views on climate

  John Kerry: Climate Deniers “lash out at the truth tellers, and label indisputable evidence as hysteria” by Eric Worrall h/t J Boles, PJ Media; “… humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself …”. John Kerry speech 24th August, with fun annotations to hilight his ridiculous mistakes. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry at the […]

New Study that Claims it Can Directly Link GHG Emissions to Polar Bear Cub Survival is Poppycock From Polar Bear Science By Susan Crockford A global warming miracle has happened. While no scientist worldwide has ever drawn a straight line between greenhouse gas emissions and population declines in a species considered at risk due to climate change, a new paper just published in Science Magazine claims to have performed this unlikely feat for […]

No, BBC, Hurricane Hilary Was Not Unprecedented

Climate analyst Paul Homewood: “Hilary is a very similar event to the 1939 tropical storm, El Cordonazo, which followed a similar path and dumped similar amounts of rain…The claims about record rainfall are bogus as well. The BBC focus heavily on “record rainfall” in Palm Springs, but even that is a fake claim.

The 1939 storm was much more devastating, with 5” in Los Angeles…And the devastation from Kathleen in 1976 was even greater…Rainfall from Hilary has not reached anything like the 375mm (14.76″) recorded in 1976.” 

Why 1609 Scientists Declared ‘There Is No Climate Crisis’

Why 1609 Scientists Declared “There Is No Climate Crisis” by Jeff Dunetz The believers of the climate change hypothesis have had a great summer. A horrible fire in Hawaii, one Canada smoking out the eastern U.S., and a major hurricane all blamed on climate change. All these and other calamities blamed on global warming are wrong […]

Watch: Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry rejects ‘climate crisis’: ‘It’s been characterized as a very simple issue: As if CO2 emitted from fossil fuels is some sort of a control knob on the climate. Well, it just flat out isn’t’ 

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry on the ‘climate crisis’: “It’s been characterized as a very simple issue: As if carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuels is some sort of a control knob on the climate. Well, it just flat out isn’t. 

Sure, humans are influencing the climate to some extent, but natural climate variability is far and away the dominant factor. And they’re seizing on extreme weather events as motivating the elimination of fossil fuels, which is fairly ludicrous because a warming climate…there’s no evidence that this is leading to worse extreme weather events. We’ve always had extreme weather. We’re currently having extreme weather, and we will have extreme weather in the future no matter what we do regarding fossil fuels. And, and so the urgency that is put forward that we have to deal with this issue with all these made-up targets 1.5 degrees centigrade, or whatever, is leading us to make hasty decisions that are bad.”