Study: Paper straws contain toxic ‘forever chemicals’ — could be worse than plastic By Ben Cost Paper straws might not be the “eco-friendly” drinking tube they’ve been promoted to be: Belgian researchers found that these so-called “green” utensils are toxic and therefore potentially worse for the environment than their much-vilified plastic counterparts, according to a new study published in the journal Food Additives & Contaminants. “Straws made from plant-based materials, […]

Study Shows Paper Straws More Harmful to Planet than Plastic By JOHN NOLTE In today’s chapter of… Everything Environmentalists Tell Us Is Wrong … and I do mean … wrong … we will look at how paper straws do more damage to the planet than plastic straws. Remember all that empty-headed virtue-signaling over freaken straws in 2018? Paper straws are good! Paper straws are virtuous! Unless they are […]

Greece wildfires: 79 people arrested for arson – ‘Arsonist scum are setting fires that threaten forests, property and, most of all, human lives’ BBC News Greece has called out “arsonist scum” after police made 79 arson arrests over wildfires ravaging the country. Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias said there had been several attempts by arsonists to start new fires on Mount Parnitha, north-west of Athens. The blaze is one of hundreds in the nation where wildfires have […]

EVs are running out of customers — and some dealers don’t want them anymore – Dealers Turning Away EVs As Demand Cools

Business Insider magazine: Electric-car inventory has been piling up on dealership lots this year as companies up their EV production, leading some dealers to say enough is enough. Some are telling automakers they don’t want any more until they can sell what’s sitting, several dealers told Insider. … Automakers are shoring up their factories to churn more of these cars out. But demand isn’t growing at the same pace.

Automakers are “asking us to make a large investment,” Kunes added, “and we’re just wanting to see some return on that investment.” …

“We have turned away EV inventory,” said Scott Kunes, the chief operating officer of Kunes Auto and RV Group, which sells Detroit brands as well as Nissan and Mitsubishi in the Midwest. “We need to ensure that we have a good turn on it.”

Watch: NBC News: ‘Biden urged to declare climate change a national emergency’ – ‘Can unlock special powers for a president in a crisis without needing approval from Congress’ – Similar to COVID & 9/11 Emergency Powers

Hallie Jackson of NBC – Aug. 22, 2023: “So what would that even do? Declaring an emergency can unlock special powers for a president in a crisis without needing approval from Congress, thanks to a law passed nearly 50 years ago. Since then, every President has declared at least one emergency during their time in office. Former President Trump for example, signing one in the pandemic. Former President George W. Bush declaring one after 911.”

“Now 57% of voters support the naming of a new national emergency on climate if Congress doesn’t do more, according to recent polling.”

“If President Biden were to do that it could mean new incentives for example, to cut greenhouse gas emissions, speed up EV production and build more renewable energy centers.”