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New York Times claims ‘climate change’ means ‘the end of the summer vacation as we know it’ – ‘Our relationship to travel has reached a tipping point’ NYT – By Mac Schwerin – Aug. 5, 2023 You can’t escape the orange. That’s what travelers this summer have been reckoning with — swaths of tangerine, traffic cone and burnt sienna on maps indicating record high temperatures around the globe. Four concurrent heat domes from the southern United States to East Asia descended […]

CNN commentary: ‘Vacations as we know it are over’ due to ‘climate change’ – ‘Holidays abroad need to be decoupled from flying’

CNN July 27, 2023 commentary by University College London Emeritus Prof. Bill McGuire: “Maybe we should take a lesson from the pandemic, when staycations were pretty much enforced…Vacations need to return to their roots, or at least move in that direction. In particular, holidays abroad need to be decoupled from flying, which means- as far as Europe is concerned- train, car or coach.

The familiarity and convenience of being close to home can bring its own contentment, comfort and well-being…What’s more, we’ll be able sunbathe in the warm glow of knowing we have slashed the size of our carbon footprint- making us part of the solution rather than the problem.”