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Will Americans resist the China-ization of the USA? How the Uniparty is attempting to ‘nudge’ us in the direction of compliance & subservience


The Social Credit Score walls are closing in, and America’s moment of truth is upon us. Will America and the West as a whole embrace the passive authoritarian top-down nudging from the ruling class and allow ourselves to become engulfed by technocratic tyranny?

The truth is that the people in charge already have a working roadmap for achieving compliance with their “you will own nothing and you will be happy” end game: the Chinese Social Credit System.

To comprehend the continuing strategy of encouraging compliance, we must understand the current system in China not through the lens of communism, but through a public-private feudalistic fascism, in which there is one ruling party comprised of select competing powerful people.

The Chinese Communist Party has succeeded in merging the public and private sectors into a single ruling entity, while still allowing market forces to operate and loyal businesses to flourish within the confines of this structure.

Now, what do they do about the lower caste, or those without premier access to the regime?

China’s Social Credit System has established a working means to passively but regularly nudge Chinese citizens and businesses in the direction of maintaining compliance with the Party standards. The Social Credit System became much more robust and active during the covid hysteria era, and sadly, China’s citizens complied without putting up much of a fight.

Now it’s America’s (and the greater West’s) turn to run the gauntlet.

With the covid hysteria era came a transition from nudging to shoving citizens in the “correct” direction of handing over more sovereignty and power to the people in charge. It has become clear that the Uniparty in D.C. and their corporate allies are all in on continuing to transform America into a more complete China-like political entity.

I know this is just an anecdotal series of examples, but I couldn’t help but notice these nudges becoming more apparent in my own life.

This week alone, I received a nudge from my utility company that I will be able to save a few bucks by allowing them to “occasionally cycle off” my appliances from time to time.

Then I received an email from the car company that I lease through, suggesting that I turn on a tracking system so that my “efficiency coach” can be activated and help me arrive at a “reduced CO2 footprint.”

[Feel free to share examples of your own “nudges” in the comments]

The covid hysteria era worked magnificently to facilitate the fastest roll up of power in modern history. Now, the Uniparty has transitioned from “the pandemic” to the climate hoax, hoping that it will convince you to give up more autonomy to the people in charge.

The good news is that America has several advantages built into our system. The most prominent ones are the Second Amendment and the system of federalism that defers sovereignty to the states.

We also have technological breakthroughs via open source monetary (Bitcoin), privacy (Tor), and communications (Signal, Telegram, etc) tools, which can help to facilitate the freedom of movement, commerce, and free speech.

Will my fellow Americans comply with the nudging and shoving from Wall St and Washington, or will they finally decide to put their foot down and resist the efforts to turn our nation into a World Economic Forum-devised ruling class utopia?