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Report: Power Companies Could Remotely Switch Off EV Chargers To Reduce Grid Stress BY TYLER DURDEN Authored by Daniel Yeng via The Epoch Times, Energy providers could have the option to switch off home EV charging stations remotely to reduce pressure on Queensland’s electricity grid. The proposal is part of the Australian state’s Queensland Electricity Connection Manual (QECM), which provides a framework for the grid’s operation. Section […]

COVID PSYOP vs. Climate PSYOP: Can you spot the differences? Exhaustive list of similarities – Both used models to predict doom, fear to strip us of freedom & canceled all dissent

I’ve been meaning to make this for over three years! Which is Covid and which is Climate? No prizes for finding the three minor differences! — Not Our Future (@Not_OurFuture) July 31, 2023 # Watch: Climate Depot’s Marc Morano 2023 talk on how COVID & Climate – ‘How the Parallels are Screaming at US!’

Study seeking ‘prompt policy action’ claims eating meat creates FOUR times more greenhouse gases than being vegan – But previous studies contradict By JONATHAN CHADWICK FOR MAILONLINE The summer holidays are nearly here which would normally mean there’s never been a better time to fire up the barbeque and line it with beef burgers. But a new study shows you might want to swap them for meat-free alternatives if you want to do your bit to save the planet. […]

The Greening of the Globe: Global plant life surging By ROBERT W MALONE MD, MS The world is getting much more green – fast. Here we present a global, measurement-based estimate of GPP growth during the twentieth century that is based on long-term atmospheric carbonyl sulfide (COS) records, derived from ice-core, firn and ambient air samples5. We interpret these records using a model […]

Dr. Roger Pielke: ‘Neither the UN IPCC nor the US National Climate Assessment have high confidence in detection or attribution of trends in heat waves is the US’

Neither the IPCC nor the US National Climate Assessment have high confidence in detection or attribution of trends in heat waves is the US So either the IPCC is wrong or the media/activist scientists are wrong. Pick one. — The Honest Broker (@RogerPielkeJr) July 25, 2023 The latest from World Weather Attribution on recent […]

‘Listen to science’: Activist Bill McKibben echoes calls for Biden to declare a ‘Climate Emergency’

Important message from @ClimateHuman calling for Biden to declare a climate emergency. Listen to science — Bill McKibben (@billmckibben) July 27, 2023 Declaring a climate emergency will give the government absolute power over every aspect of your life and have absolutely ZERO effect on the climate. Did we learn nothing from COVID? — Dr. […]

Earth Is ‘Boiling’: Bring on Climate Pandemic II By Helena Glass The UN’s foremost ‘expert’ on Climate Science, Antonio Gutterres, an avowed Socialist, has declared that earth is boiling.   “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”!    Having earned a degree in physics, Gutterres spent his career teaching before working for the Socialist Party.   That would be the extent of […]

What a ‘Climate Emergency’ declaration means for oil & gas production in the U.S.

Whenever enviros tell this Admin to jump, the only question the WH asks is "How high? When they get their Dem sycophants in Congress and the MSM demanding a #ClimateEmergency be declared, start paying attention. They just also happened to put in writing what a climate… — US Oil & Gas Association (@US_OGA) July […]