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‘The lunatics are winning’: Statistician Dr. Matt Briggs ridicules new study claiming global warming causes blindness – ‘Climate The Science Causes Blindness’


The average daily temperature in Singapore is 88 degrees. Or, in barbarian units, 31. Every day of the year.

Here’s the headline: “Now scientists say climate change is making us BLIND“. With subheadline: “Those in warmer areas were up to 44 percent more likely to have vision problems”.

Compared to people living in states with an average temperature below 50F like New York and Maine, those in states with temperatures above 60F — Florida, Texas and Georgia — faced the highest risk.

Those who lived in areas with an average annual temperature of 55 to 59.99F — such as Virginia, Kentucky and California — were 24 percent more likely to have vision problems.

Therefore, The Science says, everybody in Singapore is blind. Indeed, anybody who lives within, oh, plus or minus 200 miles of the equator must be blind. The heat will have, in effect, gouged out their eyes.

It’s so bad, the heat, that I went to visit my parents in Florida and had to use a cane for a week after.

I believe this new The Science explains women’s behavior. Hear me out. We all know women enjoy signaling their attractiveness to men. In winter, they can do this fully clothed, even overdressed. Because men’s vision in the cold must be nearly perfect.

Come summer, women are forced to strip down, even to almost nothing at the beach, where it is typically hottest. This is the only way men, whose vision has been degraded by the hot sun, can still see them.

It’s Science!

I may go blind if am forced to read any more of these “climate change” papers. That’s only slightly a joke. For that is how the lunatics are winning. They are many, and we are few. They can push out a dozen of these papers a day, almost all funded by the Regime, whereas we can only look at maybe one a week, the looking funded by you, dear reader.

Even if we can create doubt in a small handful of these papers, the very weight of the remaining publications serves as sufficient evidence, to most, that “climate change” is always bad, and never good.

The peer-reviewed paper is “Association Between Area Temperature and Severe Vision Impairment in a Nationally Representative Sample of Older Americans” by Esme Fuller-Thomson, ZhiDi Deng, and Elysia G. Fuller-Thomson in Ophthalmic Epidemiology.

They used regular weather data, and married it to Census survey data, which asked “Is this person blind or does he/she have serious difficulty seeing even when wearing glasses?” They looked at people “65 and older in the coterminous US who lived in the same state in which they were born”.

They excluded people who were not born in the state in which they resided, they said, because they couldn’t be sure if the heat from another local caused their blindness. Well, I live in the state in which I was born, but I spent most of my life outside it. So this maneuver does little. But never mind; let them have it.

Here are their results:

Higher average temperature is consistently associated with increased odds of severe vision impairment across all cohorts (i.e. age, sex, race, income, and educational attainment cohorts) with the exception of Hispanic older adults. Compared to those who lived in counties with average temperature of?

Now I ask you, having read everything do far, and presumably being able to keep your attention from wandering—no easy task—would you say it is a fair summary of their results to say “the hotter it is, the more likely you’ll go blind”?

I think it is.

How did they get their stunning results, you asked? Glad you asked:

We explored whether the relationship between average temperature and vision impairment was linear and discovered the relationship was closer to a sigmoidal curve (or S-curve) with comparable odds of vision loss for those who lived in counties with an average temperature less than 50 °F, followed by a steep increase between 50 °F and 60 °F and a levelling off of association for those at 60 °F or higher.

The most dangerous range is between 50 and 60 F!

Where in the paper is the picture of the data, blindness by temperature? I can’t see it. Get it? Get it?

Those living in the cold (like me, a man with excellent vision) are fine. Hot Floridians are fine. Those in the transition are doomed to forever grope in the dark.

It’s Science.