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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on climate activists blocking airports: ‘The scary thing is the governments have been listening to these protesters’ – Climate regs are ‘rationing’ plane & vehicle travel

Marc Morano warns of climate change’s ‘true assault’ on the freedom of movement – publisher Marc Morano joins ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the impact of the climate agenda on air travel and traffic as protestors cause disruptions.

Yahoo News: Marc Morano warns of climate change’s ‘true assault’ on the freedom of movement

Marc Morano: This is the group called The Last Generation. What an ominous name they have. In other words, they think that unless they throw themselves on these highways, on these airport runways, that they’re doomed. That this is it for the Earth — that people have had their run on this planet.

But the frightening part, Nicole, is I believe it’s much more than a tantrum because you now have major government reports funded by the UK Government, in one example, calling for the shutting down and preventing new airports to meet the climate agenda. See: UK funded 2019 report ‘Absolute Zero’ urged climate lockdowns: ‘Stop flying…no new roads, airport closures…stop eating beef & lamb…stop doing anything that causes emissions’ – ‘Prohibitions’ on CO2 similar to ‘asbestos’

Pete Hegseth: Could the point be to make air travel, even here in the States, more difficult? More complicated? Less frequent in advancing this agenda?

Marc Morano: Absolutely. Bloomberg News, a major corporate news outlet, had an article about climate compliance costs, making cheap airfare a thing of the past. See:Bloomberg News: ‘No More Cheap Flights Is the New Reality for Air Travel’ – ‘As Climate Compliance Laws Get Stricter’

What they’re trying to do is make airfare expensive and difficult to obtain, and that’s actually baked into these climate regulations. They’re doing everything they possibly can. Same thing with cars. They’re intentionally collapsing our plentiful car supply by banning gas-powered cars. That creates vehicle rationing, which creates shortages, which is then going to force people into mass transit. I like to joke, ‘You’ll go nowhere and be happy.’ But it is a true assault on our freedom of movement in the name of climate change.

Will Cain: Hey, Marc, it’s being driven by an elite few with an agenda, but I am curious as far as, like, public opinion. This can’t make you popular. This can’t make your movement popular. delaying flights, canceling flights, getting in the way of traffic, I mean, the tactic to be as annoying and air — can be irritating as possible.

Marc Morano: Yes, it is. In fact, you’ll see it block sporting events at halftime. You’ll see them out in traffic. When your average Joe is trying to go back and forth to work.
And this is funded by Hollywood millionaires and billionaires and the Getty family and a whole host of Foundations and Hollywood Directors. (See here, here, & here)

It’s amazing that they think this is good PR, but as I said, someone in government seems to be listening because their side is making traction. They are literally collapsing our modern form of transportation — both plane and car travel, and they’re rationing all of our travel. But, no, this is the dumbest PR move, but it works.

Nicole Saphier: Marc Morano. Thanks for being with us.