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KAMALA HARRIS misspeaks?!: ‘When we invest in clean energy & electric vehicles & REDUCE POPULATION, more of our children can breath clean air & drink clean water’

Kamala Harris mistakenly proposes reducing population instead of pollution – In a verbal slip-up, Harris spoke of reducing ‘population’ to breathe clean air – White House later confirmed that she had meant to say ‘reduce pollution’ … The White House official transcript of the remarks corrected the obvious error, crossing out the word ‘population’ and adding ‘pollution’ in brackets to indicate what Harris intended to say.


Flashback: Al Gore at Bill Gates event: ‘Fertility management’ is needed to reduce the number of Africans to help ‘control the proliferation of unusual weather’

Vogue article asks, ‘Is Having A Baby In 2021 Pure Environmental Vandalism?’

Paging Ehrlich! Slate Mag: ‘About That Overpopulation Problem. Research suggests we may actually face a — declining world population in the coming years’  Climate Depot’s Factsheet on Overpopulation – ‘Is too few people the new ‘population problem?’

PAUL EHRLICH BOMBS AGAIN: ‘In the more than four decades since The Population Bomb was published, the number of people inhabiting the Earth has more than doubled, but the death and poverty rates have dropped, and life expectancy has increased. Not only are we feeding more people than ever before, we’re doing it with less land’

Paging Paul Ehrlich! Fred Pearce on ‘The overpopulation myth’: ‘Population growth is slowing

Bill Gates appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in April 2020 to discuss the “return to normal” from COVID-19.

Gates: And then the final solution—which is a year to two years off—is the vaccine. So we’ve got to go full-speed ahead on all three fronts.

Colbert: Just to head off the conspiracy theorists, maybe we shouldn’t call the vaccine “the final solution.”

Gates: Good point.

Colbert: Maybe just “the best solution.”

Gates: (laughing) Yeah, the return-to-normal solution.