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First Sweden. Now Norway goes on an oil & gas spree

Norway approves more than $18 Billion of oil and gas projects
Bloomberg, 28 June 2023

2) Sweden shocks Europe: Abandons ‘unstable’ green energy agenda, returns to nuclear power
Red State, 25 June 2023

3) EU deadlocked over controversial Green Deal
Associated Press, 27 June 2023

4) Peta Credlin: Sweden’s botched ‘green dream’ a warning to us all
The Australian, 29 June 2023

5) Daniel Johnson: Germany is headed for a political meltdown
The Daily Telegraph, 27 June 2023

6) Green Britain: One in three homes in 120-day countdown to fuel poverty
The Sun, 28 June 2023

7) While millions of people struggle to pay their energy bills… 
The Times, 29 June 2023

8) Brits have already paid £15,500 towards Net Zero without realising
The Daily Telegraph, 28 June 2023

9) Britain to be left without emergency coal reserves this winter

The Daily Telegraph, 28 June 2023

10) The Sun says: Govt must bin ‘green levy’ that adds to our energy bills and makes us poorer
The Sun, 27 June 2023

11) Slash ‘£84 green carbon tax’ to help households, Tory MPs demand
The Daily Telegraph, 28 June 2023

12) Francis Menton: Still waiting for the magical future of free wind power
Manhattan Contrarian, 26 June 2023