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WEF-China ‘Summer Davos’ recap: Klaus praises Wuhan lockdowns, speakers call for ‘public-private’ partnership on CBDCs

China opens its doors to the world by kicking off its first in-person ‘Summer Davos’ since the pandemic

WEF-China recap: Klaus praises Wuhan lockdowns, speakers call for ‘public-private’ partnership on CBDCs


“Summer Davos” is essentially the Chinese state-sponsored version of the WEF’s annual Winter confab in Davos, which features leaders of the Western ruling class. The WEF and its backers have taken great strides to cozy up to the CCP, believing Xi Jinping’s China to be the future global hegemon.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are currently presiding over their annual “Summer Davos” conference in China, which started on Tuesday and ends Thursday.

The top items on the agenda for the “Annual Meeting of the New Champions” includes — unsurprisingly for those who are familiar with Davos — the climate hoax and central bank digital currencies, two issues that the WEF and its enablers are leveraging in an attempt to transfer more power to the Western and Eastern ruling classes.

Here are the major highlights from days one and two:

WEF leader Klaus Schwab praises China’s brutal lockdowns.

New Zealand’s new prime minister cozies up to Klaus Schwab and the CCP, via Rebel News. The Five Eyes intelligence sharing partner nation PM later described his meeting with Xi as “warm” and “constructive.”

Cornell University professor Eswar Prasad said that “we are at the cusp of physical currency essentially disappearing,” and that programmable money is the future.

China’s leaders declared Beijing a champion of mitigating the climate hoax, despite China being the world’s biggest polluter.

In several panels, the WEF agenda items highlighted the importance of “public-private partnerships” in developing a centrally controlled financial system, one that leverages the private sector engine to develop new technologies, but hands ultimate control of these applications over to the ruling classes. A notable co-chair of the event is the BlackRock-controlled Jeremy Allaire, whose company manages the USDC digital “stablecoin.” During his panel, Allaire pitched the idea of his centralized asset being the ideal platform for a “public-private” CBDC.

The day one agenda focused mostly on the climate hoax. Day two moved to the global financial system and central bank digital currencies. The day three agenda covers similar topics.

During this week’s “Summer Davos” conference in Tianjin, China, The World Economic Forum (WEF) quietly partnered on multiple discussion forums with the China Central Television Network, a state media operation that reports directly to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Central Propaganda Department.

Over the course of this week, WEF panelists (including World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab) have been lavishing praise upon the Chinese government for its ruthless lockdowns in Wuhan, in addition to its authoritarian financial censorship policies and its infamous Social Credit Score system.

Not only are the WEF-invited panelists acting as bootlickers for the CCP, some of the hosts of the discussion forums at Summer Davos report directly to the Chinese Communist Party.

For example, in a Thursday panel titled, “China’s Economy: The Big Rebound?” a note below the panel reads, “This session was developed in collaboration with China Central Television Network.”

According to Freedom House, China Central Television Network (CCTV) exists to “attack designated enemies of the Communist Party.” Moreover, the broadcaster is known to “build local audiences with attractive and innocuous content” so that “it can be mobilized at key political moments to attack CCP opponents.”

The host of the Word Economic Forum panel is a broadcaster named Tian Wei, who also happens to be credentialed as a WEF Young Global Leader, according to her Twitter account.