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Politico: ‘Biden revving up climate regs before election’ – Gas stoves & methane restrictions coming – ‘One of the busiest regulatory periods’ of his presidency

As next year’s presidential election draws near, the Biden administration is trying to carry out a suite of energy and climate priorities that are already drawing attacks from Republican lawmakers.

The first half of 2024 is promising to be one of the busiest regulatory periods of President Joe Biden’s presidency, according to the administration’s semiannual rulemaking agenda released Tuesday.

Among the administration’s goals are regulating natural-gas-burning stoves and methane emissions, speeding up the deployment of clean energy projects, cleaning up planet-warming pollution from buildings and protecting public lands in Alaska, where the White House recently green-lighted a massive oil project.

Relighting the stove wars: The Energy Department’s goal of finishing a rule to cut asthma-inducing pollution from gas stoves by the end of 2024 has added fuel to a firestorm of conservative pushback.

The proposal, which could torpedo half the gas stove models on the market, has prompted House Republicans to pass a bill that would block the regulation and “any substantially similar rule.” On Tuesday, 29 House Democrats joined Republicans to pass a separate measure that seeks to block the Consumer Product Safety Commission from regulating gas stoves. Neither bill is likely to pass the Democratic-controlled Senate.