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‘Only one sausage per month for everyone!’ German Nutrition Society recommends over 90% reduction in daily meat eating– to combat global warming German daily newspaper Bild: Only one sausage per month for everyone! The DGE is no longer just about health – But the DGE is no longer just concerned with health reasons! The background to the planned meat reform is something completely different: in the future, environmental factors such as “sustainability” will also be taken […]

Great Food Reset: Irish Gov’t Seeks to Sacrifice 200,000 Cows To Reach Net Zero Climate Goals – Kerry targets U.S. farmers Next! BY BEN BARTEE The “climate change” ideology increasingly takes on pseudo-religious aspects, demanding sacrifices from its adherents at its altar. God is dead in the West, after all, but He must be replaced with something as humans are inherently inclined to seek transcendence and meaning. Via The Telegraph: The collateral damage of net zero is now getting uncomfortably […]

Domestic Flights Banned in France to Cut Carbon – Morano warned Tucker Carlson specifically about travel bans back in 2021 by Rebecca Terrell France is saving Mother Earth by banning domestic short-haul flights. The country’s Minister of Transportation, Clement Beaune, says this will help combat climate change by cutting carbon emissions. The initiative came into force on May 23 and affects any flights that can be substituted with a journey by train of less than two-and-a-half hours. […]