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Watch: Morano on OAN TV on France flight bans: ‘This is what a climate lockdown looks like. This is what the Great Reset looks like’

Video also available here:

Climate Depot Founder, Marc Morano, On Short Flight Bans In The Name of Climate Change

One America News – In Focus w/ Alison Steinberg – Broadcast June 2, 2023 

Morano: “The thing about France is, you can’t take short flights under two and a half hours. Well, originally, the French government wanted to do four hours and under flight bans. So we should be thankful to our Bettors that they reduced it you know 2 1/2 hours because otherwise it’d be four hours. Greenpeace wants an EU-wide flight ban on six-hour and under flights. And this is already spreading to Spain and Austria and Germany — they’re already talking about similar types of flight bans.”