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Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV banning airline flights: ‘The fix is in’ – ‘They are abolishing the middle class, they are treating us like the unwashed masses’

Morano segment begins at 27:00 minutes into link above.

Newsmax TV – Frontline w/ Carl Higbie – Broadcast June 1, 2023 

Rough Transcript:

Morano: What happens in Europe comes to the United States shortly. This has been part of a long-planned effort to fulfill the World Economic Forum’s vision of ‘you know, you’ll own nothing be happy.’ Well, this is ‘you will go nowhere and be happy’. And we’re already seeing Bloomberg News reporting that the idea of cheap airline travel in Europe is a thing of the past as quote, ‘climate compliance’ rules, unquote, get more and more strict with it doing short-haul flights, forcing people into cars with a much higher death rate. By the way, you’re much more likely to get in a car crash and die, than in a plane crash, but this is the idea of we’re doing this to save the planet. Now, the French government admitted that this isn’t even going to impact and so it’s actually completely symbolic in terms of the planet or the environment, but it’s actually a major imposition. On the French citizens and it’s spreading to Germany, Austria, other countries in Europe, and you can bet Canada’s gonna jump on this bandwagon. It’s a net zero commitment. The BBC has already said what would a flying free world look like? The fix is in and it is coming to the United States.

In the United States, every time you see one of these protesters defacing art, standing in traffic urging Biden to declare a climate emergency. Climate activists have stated that any declared climate emergency you can only fly when it’s quote ‘morally justifiable’, unquote. So their goal is to make this global and put restrictions we already see the City of Oxford putting in 15 minutes cities harkening back to the days of East Germany with travel and restrictions. ‘Let me see your papers’. You cannot leave your sector. That’s what we’re dealing with here. This is spreading, and it started in Europe by the way of going after the food supply going after high-yield agriculture and animal agriculture. And guess what John Kerry announced last week that agriculture in the U.S. is going to be under climate scrutiny.

This is almost like religious fanaticism. We have to do this —  you can’t even dispute the UN,  they’ve done a partnership with Google to ensure only their version of ‘science’ shows up online and the UN has declared they ‘own the science.’ So they’re doing it in order to achieve this utopian vision. And it’s like they’re imposing a religion, an austerity upon the rest of us, and by golly, they’re gonna make it happen.

They’re collapsing our energy, our food, our transportation, our free speech, and this is all through corporate government collusion mostly throughout any without an ounce of democracy just like COVID when they close schools and churches and work and are issued stay-at-home orders and cancel weddings, funerals and medical procedures. All of that was done without a single vote. It was done because the virus demanded it well, now they change the word virus to the climate demands it.