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Climate skeptics’ panel discussion at Princeton ‘Zoom-bombed’! ‘The N-word & a doodle of male genitalia’ appeared over Dr. Will Happer’s presentation slides By Princeton Alumni Weekly – Published online May 31, 2023 Excerpt: And Now, a Different Perspective on Climate Change   At the other end of the climate change conversation, a panel titled “Climate Change is NOT an Emergency,” sponsored by the Conservative Princeton Association, featured speakers arguing that the media and policymakers are pushing a […]

CFACT questions BlackRock’s Fink over growing ESG pushback By Adam Houser  During BlackRock’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, CFACT President Craig Rucker posed a question to Chairman and CEO Larry Fink on the matter of the company’s recent setbacks in the area of ESG financing. During a Q&A session after the voting adjourned, Rucker said: “Numerous states like Texas, South Carolina, Florida, and […]

Blue state county in NJ votes unanimously against offshore wind development citing negative environmental impacts By Thomas Catenacci | Fox News A county in New Jersey voted unanimously to oppose an offshore wind farm proposed for its coastline, citing the project’s negative impacts on the environment, tourism industry and beach vistas. In a 4-0 vote this week, the Cape May County, New Jersey, Board of Commissioners passed a resolution green-lighting reasonable […]

Watch: Camera crane swings into action, knocking climate protester to the ground during live Swedish dance show Climate activists disrupted Sweden’s dance competition show on Friday with one taken down by a camera crane before they were all removed from the studio, according to multiple videos posted to Twitter. Charlotte Kalla, an Olympic skier, and her partner Tobias Karlsson were dancing their paso doble on the Swedish version of Dancing with the […]

Physicist: ‘The frequency & severity of floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves & wildfires are not increasing, & may even be declining in some cases’ By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander The popular but mistaken belief that today’s weather extremes are more common and more intense because of climate change is becoming deeply embedded in the public consciousness, thanks to a steady drumbeat of articles in the mainstream media and pronouncements by luminaries such as President Biden in the U.S., […]

Physicist: ‘No evidence climate change is causing tornadoes to become more frequent & stronger’ By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander After a flurry of tornadoes swarmed the central U.S. this March, the media were quick to fall into the trap of linking the surge to climate change, as often occurs with other forms of extreme weather. But there is no evidence that climate change is causing tornadoes to become […]