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Oscar-winning Hollywood director who helps bankroll Just Stop Oil is accused of hypocrisy – Has 8-bedroom holiday home 5,000 miles away in Ireland he jets off to ‘when the going gets tough’

A Hollywood director helping to bankroll Just Stop Oil has been accused of hypocrisy over his lavish holiday home in Ireland – 5,000 miles from his Los Angeles base.

Oscar winner Adam McKay, whose films include the Big Short and Don’t Look Up, is one of a group of multi-millionaires behind the Climate Emergency Fund.

The Beverly Hills-based fund raises cash from its mega rich supporters and distributes it to ‘disruptive’ activists, including handing almost £1million to help Just Stop Oil wreak havoc in the UK.

Mr McKay is a director of the fund and has donated over £3.2million to it to support ‘recruitment and training’ for groups including the British activists.

In a webinar last year he pledged to help Just Stop Oil in any way possible and was even prepared to be arrested for their cause.