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BBC in 2019: ‘Flight shame movement’ grows, promotes ‘rediscovering the joy of slow travel’ – But ‘voluntary reductions can only go so far’ Flashback 2019: Why ‘flight shame’ is making people swap planes for trains By Jocelyn Timperley Excerpts: The flight shame movement is about feeling accountable for your carbon footprint – but it is also about rediscovering the joy of slow travel, writes Jocelyn Timperley. The term speaks of the guilt of taking flights at a […]

No Evidence That Extreme Weather on the Rise: A Look at the Past – Hurricanes By Physicist Dr. Ralph B. Alexander The popular but mistaken belief that today’s weather extremes are more common and more intense because of climate change is becoming deeply embedded in the public consciousness, thanks to a steady drumbeat of articles in the mainstream media and pronouncements by luminaries such as President Biden in the […]

Meat is in the climate crosshairs: ‘Banning beef means fewer cows, so less methane, less warming & we save the planet’ by Peter Murphy America and the rest of the world are headed for food shortages if policymakers enact laws based on climate change. The effort to “decarbonize” or to achieve “net zero” carbon emissions has led to deliberate policies to reduce consumption of fossil fuel energy, that is, oil, natural gas and coal. It […]