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ESG explained simply: Stands for ‘Elitists, Socialists & Grifters’ or ‘Enabling Slave labor & Genocide’

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Today, the @politico Energy Summit will be bringing some of the most prominent ESG activists to Washington, DC.

So, we thought we’d say hi and send some mobile billboards to the summit, to remind attendees what ESG *actually* stands for:

“ESG” stands for Erasing Savings & Growth:Image

“ESG” stands for Elitists, Socialists and Grifters:Image

“ESG” stands for Enabling Slave labor & Genocide:Image

My full statement:

“While ESG elites are convening in Washington, D.C. to pat themselves on the back for how great ESG is, we will be reminding them of what their far-left ESG agenda really means. The Biden Administration and woke corporations continue to push an activist climate agenda on hardworking Americans resulting in rising prices for gas, groceries, and other essential goods. We aren’t going to allow them to enjoy this summit tailor-made for self-aggrandizing without a reminder of the cost Americans and citizens of the world are paying for their woke policies.”