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Morano on TV: America’s War On Natural Gas: Green agenda making us more dependent on China’s rare Earth mining as we ban U.S. rare Earth mining

The First TV – Jesse Kelly – Broadcast May 5, 2023

Marc Morano and Jesse both know that most of our leaders are complete idiots that don’t understand what they’re doing; this is especially the case for the climate activists. How can we continue on this path of nonsense? — Subscribe to Jesse Kelly:    / @jessekellydc   Watch I’m Right on The First TV: Full Shows:

Biden admin closes off mining in Minnesota — But authorizes mining in the Congo – Team Biden placed about 225,000 acres (about 350 square miles) in northern Minnesota off-limits to mining and mineral development. The announcement specifically noted that the administration was: “[R]esponding to concerns regarding the potential impacts of mining on the area’s watershed, fish and wildlife, tribal and treaty rights, and robust recreation economy … This action will help protect the Rainy River watershed … from the potential adverse impacts of new mineral and geothermal exploration and development.” …