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UK Begins Age Related Driving Bans: Experts proposing those under 25 can’t drive their own children around – ‘The Cult of Safety First!’

Excerpt: In England, “New drivers under 25 could face a ban from carrying young passengers in their vehicles as part of a proposed ‘graduated driving licence’ scheme.”

That is a proposal so ignorant and over-reactive it could have been thought of by an Expert. Let’s see.

It seems an 18 year old driver got into an accident and killed herself and a child. There was, however, a fact we report with sadness, a survivor. An Expert. It was her idea, because of this one incidence, to become a founding member of the Cult of Safety First!

Experts will strangle us all, while shouting “Breathe! Breathe!” Even God in his anger didn’t give Moses the power to unleash Experts.

I guarantee that every Expert at CDC, and the one who came up with the cockamamie scheme to ban driving, has a “degree” from a university. You can’t get that stupid without one. Experts gave us three years of idiot panic, and now, unemployed, they seek other outlets to tyrannize with their credentialed midwittery.

It can be distressing to think of all the foolish people ruling over us. But consider this: it’s going to get worse. Enjoy what you have now.


New drivers under 25 could face young passenger ban under ‘graduated driving licence’ schemeThe idea of the “graduated driving licence” scheme stemmed from the death of a teenage passenger in her newly qualified friend’s car. …

Under the plan, first reported by The Sunday Times, drivers would not be allowed to carry passengers under 25 in the first year or six months after passing their test.

The scheme had been considered under Theresa May’s government, but held off due to concerns around nighttime driving and newly-qualified under 25s who worked shifts, such as doctors and nurses.