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‘Digital Brownshirts’ at It Again! NYT Boosts Group Pushing Google to Censor ‘Climate Lies’

If anything needs to cool down, it’s The New York Times and the eco-obsessed “digital brownshirts” clamoring for Google to censor content that undercuts climate change alarmism.

“In October 2021, Google promised to stop placing ads alongside content that denied the existence and causes of climate change, so that purveyors of the false claims could no longer make money on its platforms, including YouTube,” The Times pontificated May 2. The liberal rag cited a climate change coalition and the leftist, pro-censorship nonprofit Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) and asserted that the anti-climate alarmist videos were not mere “aberrations.”

Instead — The Times argued, citing the leftist groups — the videos are evidence of YouTube “continuing to profit from videos that portrayed the changing climate as a hoax or exaggeration.”

This is how The Times framed the story in its headlined: “Google Promised to Defund Climate Lies, but the Ads Keep Coming.”

The leftist coalition report The Times cited — “YouTube’s Climate Denial Dollars” — was laced with absurd propaganda. “The Climate Action Against Disinformation (CAAD) coalition is a growing and unprecedented effort of over 50 organizations,” the report boasted. The report made it a point of specifically propping up how the CCDH supposedly “disrupts the architecture of online hate and misinformation.”

The dogmatic coalition whined that “Google must stop profiting from climate disinformation on YouTube and elsewhere” by censoring “climate disinformation,” particularly through demonetization.

The Times itself complained how so-called “misinformation has grown into a greater scourge online,” so it’s no wonder why it would promote nutty pro-censorship groups like the CCDH to turn up the heat on Google to censor more. The fact that the newspaper even wielded the CCDH as some kind of neutral source is also ridiculous.

CCDH demanding that platforms censor any content challenging its own eco doom-mongering isn’t new. The organization previously attacked the Media Research Center and other organizations with its so-called “Toxic Ten” list of supposed dispersers of climate “disinformation.”

MRC President Brent Bozell previously ripped CCDH for trying to silence debate on climate: “Digital brownshirts are attacking conservative organizations for daring to have an honest debate on climate policy. These anti-free speech bigots want to shut down anyone who dares to disagree with them.”

The Times seems happy with that. It critiqued YouTube for not fully focusing on “misinformation” as it has supposedly “grown into a greater scourge online.”

CCDH is led by socialist founder and CEO Imran Ahmed, who co-authored a book titled, “The New Serfdom: The Triumph of Conservative Ideas and How to Defeat Them.” CCDH is also funded by the Switzerland-based, left-wing Oak Foundation, which the Capital Research Center labeled as “The Left’s Green Giant.” In fact, in 2018, Oak gave $1 million “to support the greening of the Belt and Road Initiative,” which is pushed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to the Capital Research Center. Apparently this damning context was lost on The Times.

Not to mention the fact climate predictions have been consistently wrong for 50 years. How are climate dogmatists still trustworthy?