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Media Matters: Tucker Carlson ‘platformed some of the most notorious climate deniers’ – He hosted ‘climate change denier Marc Morano 14 times’ from 2019-2023

Media Matters Excerpts: Carlson used any excuse, such as new climate policies, initiatives, or convenings, to platform some of the most notorious climate deniers and controversial climate contrarians. For example, according to Media Matters’ internal database, from 2019 through the end of Carlson’s show in 2023, he hosted failed politician Michael Shellenberger 21 times, climate change denier Marc Morano 14 times, meteorologist Joe Bastardi 8 times, and fossil fuel shill Bjorn Lomborg 4 times. These guests pushed the “Great Reset” conspiracy theory, cherry-picked statistics to downplay the impacts of extreme weather, or suggested climate activism is a “cult” or a “new religion.”

Marc Morano

  • Discussing his new book hyping the “Great Reset” conspiracy theory during a 2022 segment about multiple food-driven global conflicts that occurred over the summer, such as Sri Lanka’s economic collapse and protests lead by Dutch farmers, Morano claimed that the “war on agriculture” by global institutions has been going on for years with “their goal to literally get us to eat insects and this lab-grown fake meat” by shutting down traditional farming in order to adhere to countries’ climate goals. [Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight7/12/22]
  • In 2021, Carlson promoted and praised Morano’s Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse Than You Think, calling it “a book with a title that sells itself.” Discussing the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Morano claimed Democrats and climate activists would end private car ownership and abolish private home ownership because “in a climate emergency, it’s just too damaging to the Earth.” He added, “They love the lockdowns for this reason. They call it degrowth, they call it planned recessions.” [Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight4/1/21]