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CNN analyst: ‘I watched the first episode of the post-Carlson 8 p.m. ET hour on Fox’ featuring ‘climate change denier Marc Morano’ who ‘seemed to make a Nazi reference’

Fox News’ conservative politics are much larger than Tucker Carlson

Analysis by , CNN

April 26, 2023


I watched the first episode of the post-Carlson 8 p.m. ET hour on Fox, and if it is any indication, there won’t be much new in the politics that are pushed on Fox’s viewers.

‘They’ are coming for your meat

After a segment criticizing weight loss surgery for severely obese teens, it was back to climate change and criticism of a New York Times op-ed regarding meat and climate.

The guest, climate change denier Marc Morano, seemed to make a Nazi reference by invoking the anti-fascist speeches of the German Pastor Martin Niemoller.

While Niemoller was trying to make points about complacency during the rise of Nazis, Morano’s version of the words were about his opposition to curbing carbon emissions.

“First they came for your energy. Then they came for your gas powered cars, your freedom of movement, your cheap flights. And now they’re coming for your food,” Morano said, suggesting New York Mayor Eric Adams would eventually try to outlaw the consumption of meat when in fact he has only pledged to limit the spending of city funds on it.

“They’re going after our modern diet,” Morano said. “You will eat nothing to be happy according to this plan.”

And thus, the diet fed to Fox viewers is unlikely to change, even without its biggest star.



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