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‘You need a bidet’ or ‘recycled tissue’ – Wash Post’s ‘Climate Coach’ takes a swipe at toilet paper usage: ‘We may come to see wiping our bums with extra-soft toilet paper…as we do smoking cigarettes’ By CLIMATE COACH Michael J. Coren Excerpt: The vast majority of Americans still exclusively use toilet paper, though. For many, the bidet remains a fusty porcelain basin vaguely associated with the French. But the technology has evolved. Multibillion-dollar incumbents like Toto, as well as newcomers such as Tushy and Luxe, have stormed the U.S. market, […]

‘Doomerism’: Why scientists disagree with Biden that we are ‘damned’ over the 1.5 C Temp By Scott Waldman Damned. Lost. Done. President Joe Biden keeps saying the world as we know it will be gone if global temperatures rise beyond 1.5 degrees Celsius. His comments are raising concern among scientists who say the president risks adding to public confusion about the dangers of surpassing the 1.5 C threshold, an […]

‘Evoke eminent domain’: JP Morgan CEO Says Gov’t Should Seize Private Property to Build Wind & Solar Farms: ‘The window for action to avert…climate change is closing’ By Joshua Ramos April 5, 2023 In his annual letter to shareholders, JP Morgan CEO, Jaime Dimon, says that the government should seize private property to build wind and solar farms. Moreover, Dimon suggested that green initiatives should be embraced to eventually meet net-zero targets. Dimon spoke on the call for government seizure and noted its […]