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Biden’s Energy Secretary Casually Reveals That She Wants To Control Our Decisions Biden’s Energy Secretary Casually Reveals That She Wants To Control Our Decisions By DAVID BLACKMON Excerpt: Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm gave congressional testimony over her department’s effort to finalize regulations limiting the use of gas stoves. Granholm first denied there was any effort to ban the appliances — a dissembling prevarication at best — and […]

Belgian man dies by suicide following long chats about climate change with AI bot By Mehul Reuben Das A young Belgian man recently died by suicide after talking to a chatbot called ELIZA for several weeks, prompting demands for greater citizen security and increased consciousness. “My husband would still be here if it hadn’t been for these conversations with the chatbot,” the man’s wife told La Libre. Her […]

Climate czar Kerry: Biden to issue new mandates to reduce emissions by 50% on cars, trucks by 2030 – ‘We have to meet the net zero 2050’ goals Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry, told Yahoo News that Joe Biden plans on pushing more mandates, especially on cars and trucks in the US, to help attain the goal of cutting US greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50 percent by 2030 and for transportation vehicles to produce zero carbon emissions by 2050. Kerry was asked about Biden’s $739 billion Inflation […]

IT NEVER ENDS: Now the Biden Admin moving forward with light bulb bans – To ‘prohibit retailers from selling incandescent light bulbs’ By Mike LaChance The Biden administration is obsessed with climate change and they don’t care how much worse they make life for average Americans. They have already gone after gas stoves, gas cars, and even air conditioners. Now they are coming after incandescent light bulbs. Anything that’s cheap, convenient, and liked by millions of Americans […]

The U.S. Has Declared War— On YOUR Appliances: Biden Admin pushing regulations through the bureaucracy By Jim Nelles Joe Biden made it clear from his first day in office that he was going to change America’s energy policy. He canceled the Keystone pipeline and did everything he could to cripple the American energy sector. Now that the world is at peace—with Russia in Ukraine and China about to be in […]