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BBC: Climate expert: Opposing windfarms in your community ‘isn’t an acceptable moral position’ By Teleri Glyn JonesBBC Wales environment correspondent Communities opposed to wind turbines in their local area do not have an “acceptable moral position”, according to a climate change expert. Dozens of large-scale windfarm applications are being considered as Wales tries to reach net zero. Campaigners say the ambition is putting the Welsh countryside at […]

When the science journal Nature endorsed Biden, Trump voters tuned it out By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Wednesday, March 22, 2023 Michael Jordan famously declined to cross the line from athletics to politics, saying, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.” Nature magazine is finding out that Republicans also consume scientific literature — but they are less likely to do so when they think the publication has turned […]

‘Fire, Brimstone, & Ticking Bombs again’: UN IPCC launches 666th final final warning of climate hell: AR6 is a ‘Survival guide to humanity’ By Jo Nova Now that half the US knows that climate science has become a religion, let’s all thank the IPCC for working hard to convince the other half. Here comes Fire, Brimstone, and Ticking Bombs again: Like all successful bureaucracies, The IPCC is here to pretend to save you from problems it invented. The taxpayer […]

15 years after ESA listing as ‘threatened’ due to sea ice loss polar bears are abundant & thriving Dr. Susan Crockford Experts who used the American Endangered Species Act (ESA) to list polar bears as ‘threatened’ in May 2008 were mistaken: sea ice authorities got their predictions wrong about future ice extent and polar bear specialists erroneously declared that two-thirds of polar bears would disappear if summer sea ice declines continued unabated. […]

We should do ‘nothing’ about ‘global warming’ declares MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen – ‘This is exploiting people’s ignorance to promote fear’ ‘Few’ scientists would say climate change is an ‘existential threat’ explains MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen Atmospheric Physicist Richard Lindzen says “relatively few” scientists would say climate change is an “existential threat”. “A large number of scientists are saying yes indeed it’s warming and they might even add that perhaps there’s a matter […]

Problems with eating bugs emerges! Insects have ‘capacity to feel pain & suffer’ – Demand for ‘welfare standards’ for the bugs ‘offered up as a solution to the human-caused climate crisis’ Excerpt: Insect farming is booming in a major way. By one estimate, between 1 trillion and 1.2 trillion insects are raised on farms each year as companies race to find a high-protein, low-carbon way to feed animals and humans. In terms of sheer numbers of animals impacted, this is a transformation of a speed […]