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Hillary Clinton: Women Are ‘Primary Victims’ of Climate Change; Ukraine Prime Example By HANNAH BLEAU Women are the “primary victims” of “climate change,” twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said during a discussion Wednesday at the 30/50 Summit in Abu Dhabi, pointing to Ukraine as the prime example. “Women and children are the primary victims of conflict and of climate change and there is no place that unfortunately, tragically, […]

Biden Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas blames ‘extreme weather events’ for ‘triggering migration’ – Climate change causing open border?! Mayorkas Won’t Say Border’s a Crisis, Says Weather Driving Migration By IAN HANCHETT During an interview with Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday broadcast on Tuesday’s edition of CNN International’s “Amanpour,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas refused to say the border is a crisis, argued that there are many issues facing the agency, such as the […]

Watch: Morano on Czech media outlet talks history of climate fear movement & Great Reset

Marc Morano: Podvod s názvem globální oteplování & změna klimatu (CZ TITULKY) Rozhovor Radovana s kontroverzním americkým aktivistou a publicistou, Marc Morano, který již přes deset let bojuje za odhalení podvodu o globálním oteplování. Marc je častým hostem na CNN či Fox News a jeho názory se objevují v The N.Y. Times nebo The Washington […]

Renewables Aren’t Renewable: ‘Americans face a future of perpetual scarcity: rationed…micro-managed access to energy’ Why key facts are dismissed by America’s elites is a story of corruption, collusion, megalomania, greed, cowardice, intellectual negligence, and delusional mass psychosis. By Edward Ring Today in America, there are obvious disconnects between observable reality and the narratives we get from the corporate special interests controlling the news we consume, along with politicians who […]

Hess CEO States Obvious on CNBC: Oil and Gas ‘Needed for Decades to Come’ By Joseph Vazquez Corporate America has fomented a culture that’s so drunk on environmental, social and governance standards that a CEO stating the obvious on CNBC about the ongoing necessity of oil and gas actually seems profound. Hess Corporation CEO John Hess wasted no time in pointing out that “oil and gas are going to be […]