Hague mayor threatens to use military gear to remove protesting Dutch farmers’ blockades & tractors in his city

https://nltimes.nl/2023/03/06/hague-mayor-threatens-use-military-gear-keep-rival-climate-farmer-protests-check Mayor Jan van Zanen of The Hague said he could indeed authorize the use of military equipment to remove blockades or tractors in his city on March 11. On that date, the upcoming Saturday, both climate activists and farmers are set to demonstrate in the Zuid-Holland city. “I am not going to rule out […]

Bravo! Germany angers EU after putting brakes on gas car ban – Accused of ‘blackmail’ & a ‘threat’ to EU’s Green Deal & Net Zero agenda

https://news.yahoo.com/germany-angers-eu-putting-brakes-164352963.html By Daniel Aronssohn The adoption by European Union member countries of new carbon dioxide emission standards for cars and vans has been postponed amid opposition from Germany, the presidency of the EU ministers’ council has announced. The vote initially scheduled for next week will take place at a “later council meeting” on a date yet to […]

Report: Carbon markets may hit family-scale farmers hard – Carbon ‘offsets could lead to more farmland consolidation or venture capitalists & speculators’

https://www.wisfarmer.com/story/news/2023/03/06/report-carbon-markets-may-hit-family-scale-farmers-hard/69978330007/ By Mary Stroka – The Center Square Family scale farmers in the Midwest may lose a lot to large agribusinesses through carbon markets, a new report says. According to the report, “Agricultural Carbon Markets, Payments and Data: Big Ag’s Latest Power Grab” by Open Markets Institute and Friends of the Earth, carbon markets programs […]

Canadian Paper: ‘White men are the super spreaders of climate denialism’ – ‘Climate denial groups morph into misogyny…petro-masculinity’

https://www.nationalobserver.com/2023/03/07/news/white-men-super-spreaders-climate-denialism By Marc Fawcett-Atkinson Excerpt: Researchers have found a tight relationship between harmful forms of masculinity, right-wing extremism and the refusal to deal with the climate crisis. Fostered by the fossil fuel industry, this confluence has been dubbed “petro-masculinity” by Cara Daggett, a Virginia Tech professor and climate sociologist, to describe a form of masculinity […]

Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen warns ‘climate change’ could trigger asset value losses, harming US economy

https://www.reuters.com/world/us/yellen-warns-climate-change-could-trigger-asset-value-losses-harming-us-economy-2023-03-07/ WASHINGTON, March 7 (Reuters) – Climate change is already having a major economic and financial impact on the United States and may trigger asset value losses in coming years that could cascade through the U.S. financial system, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will warn on Tuesday. Yellen will tell a new advisory board of academics, […]

Flashback 2019: Solution to living with global warming! ‘$5.9 million, solar-powered floating home, you won’t mind how high the sea level rises — because you’ll rise right with it’

https://www.baltimoresun.com/business/real-estate/fl-bz-solar-powered-floating-home-20190214-story.html By Ron Hurtibise Miami-based Arkup LLC is at the Miami Yacht Show from Feb. 15 to 18 displaying this $5.9 million, solar-powered, hurricane-resistant floating home. The off-grid “livable yacht” can be piloted along coastlines or put down its hydraulic pilings to be as stable as a home on land, Arkup says. (Arkup / Courtesy) When you’re […]

Ford seeks patent to repossess a car remotely — by locking owners out of their cars & cutting off AC & forcing car’s audio system to ’emit an incessant & unpleasant sound’

https://www.marketwatch.com/story/ford-seeks-patent-to-repossess-a-car-remotely-by-locking-owners-out-of-their-cars-and-cutting-off-ac-8825d3c4 By Claudia Assis Ford Motor Co. has applied for a patent to make remote car repossessions nearly seamless for lenders, and deeply unpleasant for car owners in default Ford Motor Co. has applied for a patent to make remote car repossessions nearly seamless for lenders — and deeply unpleasant for car owners in default, […]

Alaska governor: ‘Venezuela gets better treatment by the Biden admin than Alaska does’

By Jessica Chasmar , Thomas Catenacci | Fox News Alaska Republican Gov. Michael Dunleavy issued a scathing statement saying President Biden treats Venezuela better than his state after a leaked memo revealed the administration set the highest possible royalty fee for an oil and gas lease sale in Alaska because of “climate change,” despite acknowledging a lower price would provide “greater […]