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Listen: Morano: ‘The govt is finally acknowledging the first injury in East Palestine’ Unfortunately it is only an injury to Gov DeWine who tripped and is now wearing an ankle boot – The Joe Piscopo Show

The Joe Piscopo Show – Broadcast Feb. 28, 2023

Morano: “We’ve actually had now the government is finally acknowledging the first related injury in East Palestine Ohio and this is huge progress, Joe. The governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, is now wearing a boot on his foot because he injured himself on one of his visits to there. DeWine must have tripped one of the cameras when he was trying to spin all the nonsense of his weak response as a governor.

So we actually do have a confirmed injury and finally, the government is willing to admit it. But unfortunately, it was only a boot that’s on the ankle of our of the governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine.

This whole situation just shows you environmentalism has been hijacked by climate change. If it’s not climate, they don’t care. The big news I have out of this, for this whole East Palestine derailment is this: In 2020, in Scotland, a fatal train derailment was blamed on climate change. Even Greta herself linked to this story saying that extreme weather caused the railways to be more vulnerable to crashes. See: ‘Climate change!’ What can’t it do?! Flashback 2020: Fatal train derailment in Scotland blamed on ‘climate change’

Well, now we know that if East Palestine had told Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg from day one they thought this was a climate change train derailment, they would have got FEMA money, they would have got visits from Biden, and Mayor Pete would have been there the first day.

That’s where I would tell you the residents failed. They should have linked this to climate change like other past train derailments. And they could have got instant help because then it would have been seen by the Biden admin as: ‘Hey, this is in our agenda.’

But an actual chemical spill with actual environmental harm to people and this administration doesn’t have time for it.” 

End Morano transcript.



EAST PALESTINE TRAIN DERAILMENT: Gov. DeWine Leg injured in East Palestine – Feb. 27, 2023- (WJW) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine suffered a leg injury in East Palestine Tuesday.  His office confirmed with WKBN and Fox 8 Monday morning Columbus Dispatch reports that an injury above his left ankle will require him to wear a boot for the next few weeks. The injury happened on the stairs at the First Church of Christ in East Palestine.

East Palestine residents experiencing unusual symptoms: ‘Chemical bronchitis’ – Feb. 27, 2023– EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (WKBN) — As the cleanup continues from the Feb. 3 train derailment, local healthcare workers are seeing more and more people from the East Palestine area complaining that they don’t feel well.

‘Climate change!’ What can’t it do?! Flashback 2020: Fatal train derailment in Scotland blamed on ‘climate change’ – ‘Scotland’s transport sec. said the climate crisis is presenting increasing challenges for rail safety’ – Scottish transport secretary, Michael Matheson, said it was reasonable to presume the weather had had an impact on events, adding he hoped investigating authorities would advise whether efforts to address the challenges posed by extreme weather events should be stepped up. “[Network Rail] are well aware of our views about the need to make sure that we are taking forward the right types of mitigations that help to manage a challenge of these types of localised, intense weather events,” he said.