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CNN: ‘Why the climate crisis may be coming for your margarita next’ By Rachel Ramirez, CNN CNN — Agave-based liquor like tequila and mezcal was the fastest growing spirits category in 2022, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the US. Analysts even say it might soon surpass vodka as the best-selling liquor in the country. But scientists from around the world have made it clear that climate change-fueled […]

How Covid Paves the Way for Full Climate Emergency Restrictions BY CHRIS MORRISON Early this week, America celebrated National Margarita Day, a joyous occasion marked by a headline in CNN that ran, ‘Why the climate crisis might be coming for your Margarita.’ Of course, this intelligence-insulting story was some made-up scare about the weather affecting ingredients that went into tequila. Welcome to the Heartland climate conference in Orlando, […]

The Fight Against Climate Zealots is Just One Front in the Battle to Preserve Freedom & Democracy BY CHRIS MORRISON Only in America. The recent Heartland Climate Conference in the ‘Free State’ of Florida was about much more than its headline billing. It was about a confirmation of traditional American values, free enterprise, free speech, patriotism, the nuclear family and tolerance for religious faith. In short, everything the modern Left despises. Climate […]

Congrats! CFACT presents skeptic Jo Nova with the Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award 2023 By Adam Houser  At the Heartland Institute’s 15th International Conference on Climate Change in Orlando, FL, CFACT presented Joanne Nova with its Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award for 2023. CFACT President Craig Rucker presents Jo Nova with the Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award as she tunes in remotely from Australia.       […]

Greta Thunberg protests clean wind farm on indigenous lands as human rights abuses By Caitlin McFall | Fox News Climate activist Greta Thunberg on Monday chained herself to the entrance of the Norway Ministry of Energy to protest wind turbines operating on lands used by the Sami Indigenous people to herd reindeer. The well-known 20-year-old climate protester sat with activists from the indigenous group, mostly teenagers, to protest the government’s solution […]

‘Climate change’ blamed for 8000 gun deaths in New Study in Journal of the American Medical Association – Claims ‘association between temperature & shootings’ by Becca Inglis Gun violence is already a pressing public health concern in the U.S., and a new study has found a troubling link between it and the overheating of our planet. As temperatures across the country soar and unseasonably warm days continue, the number of gun deaths across the country has gone up. Nearly […]

Turns Out They Are Coming for Your Gas Stoves – Energy Dept now projects ‘roughly half of all gas stoves’ in U.S. would not meet proposed ‘efficiency regulations’ New Biden ‘efficiency’ rule would ban half of gas stoves on the U.S. market By Collin Anderson A new Biden administration rule on cooking appliances would effectively ban half of all gas stoves on the U.S. market from being sold, according to an Energy Department projection. In an analysis published earlier this month, President […]

‘We plan meals around recharging the vehicles’ – ABC News: Electric vehicle drivers get candid about charging: ‘Logistical nightmare’ – ‘Charging on the go is neither easy nor fast’ By Morgan Korn YouTube personality Steve Hammes leased a Hyundai Kona Electric sport utility vehicle for his 17-year-old daughter Maddie for three reasons: it was affordable, practical and allowed Maddie to put her cash toward college, not fuel. Now, the upstate New York resident has a dilemma many EV owners can relate to: finding available charging […]