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Recession is good for the Planet! ‘Economic crises’ can accelerate decarbonization – ‘Impact of economic crises…triggers systemic change’ by Research Institute for Sustainability (RIFS)-Helmholtz Centre Potsdam Newswise — Crises can accelerate structural change and spur an absolute decoupling of CO2 emissions from economic growth. Countries that have already embarked on an ambitious path towards climate action have proven themselves particularly adept in times of need. “‘Building back better’ is a popular catchphrase in […]

‘Telework is better for the planet’ – Federal Employees Say Forcing Them Back Into The Office Endangers The Planet By John Hugh DeMastri The largest union of federal employees is arguing against a return to the office because it would be harmful for the environment, The Washington Post reported Wednesday. President Joe Biden has been under increasing pressure from Republican Rep. James Comer of Kentucky and Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser  of Washington, D.C., […]

Major British Newspaper Promotes Bringing ‘Back Rationing’ to ‘Fix Global Warming’ – ‘Create a scarcity of fossil fuels’ By Joseph Vazquez Want to fight global warming? Start rationing like Britain did in World War 2! At least, that’s the idea that “one of Britain’s oldest and most influential newspapers” is promoting. British publication The Times ran one of the nuttiest bits of climate change babble in a Feb. 20 story headlined: “How to fix global warming? […]