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Protecting Their Investment? News Networks Run Cover for Leftist ESG Giants Tied to Ohio Train Disaster By Joseph Vazquez ABC’s, CBS’s and NBC’s premature abandonment of coverage of the environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio may have been a gambit to protect the leftist pro-environmental, social, governance (ESG) standard giants tied to the incident. The Ohio incident involved a train derailing that led to a controlled explosion and the spewing of […]

‘Do You Believe in the Tooth Fairy?’ – GOP Sen. John Kennedy Slices Up Delusional Climate Alarmist So Badly He’s Left Without Answers By Cullen Linebarger Senator John Kennedy (R-LA)…once again put his qualities to great use on Wednesday when grilling Dr. Robert Litterman, the founder of Kepos Capital and the Chair of the Climate-Related Market Risk Subcommittee of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Litterman was testifying during a hearing to consider “climate-related economic risks and their costs to the Federal Budget […]

‘Ecogrief’ – Interior Dept workshops help federal employees cope with ‘ecological grief’ A world of hurt: Workshops aim to help federal employees cope with ‘ecogrief’ By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times The Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service is offering “ecogrief” training to employees who are struggling with a sense of trauma or loss as they witness a changing environment. The class will give staffers a […]

You Will Eat Only 2 Meals A Day — & Be Happy! WSJ touts solution to food price inflation: ‘To Save Money, Maybe You Should Skip Breakfast’ By Gabriel T. Rubin Several breakfast staples saw sharp price increases due to a perfect storm of bad weather and disease outbreaks—and continued effects from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Egg prices increased 8.5% in January from a month earlier and are up 70.1% over the past year, the highest annual rate since 1973. The deadliest avian-influenza […]