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Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore: Group betraying its history & by siding with wind turbines over whales as 400% increase in whale deaths past 6 years & Trillions wasted Greenpeace co-founder says group is betraying its principles by peddling junk science as whales die By Patrick Moore Since 2016, when acoustic sonar surveys required for the construction of 1,500 wind turbines began on the U.S. Atlantic coast, 174 humpback whales have washed ashore dead. This represents a 400% increase in mortality from previous […]

In 2003 The Globe Was 0.34% Urban. By 2035 0.96% Will Be – ‘Global’ Warming Is Artificially Urban-Induced. By Kenneth Richard Two new studies affirm the rapid growth in urbanization is causing significant non-climatic warming, artificially increasing the “global” trend. Water covers approximately 362 million km² of the Earth’s surface. Land covers 148 million km² of the Earth’s surface. As of 2003, just 0.5 million km² (0.34%) of the globe’s 510 million km² […]

Crazy Woke Biologists Claim Racism Is Hurting Animal Habitats In Minority Neighborhoods by Warner Todd Huston It seems as if every day, the woke crazies come up with something more idiotic than the day before. Once again, we find woke leftists putting their race-baiting political agenda ahead of science. This time, woke “biologists” claim that evil white people are destroying animal habitats in black neighborhoods, and the […]

CBS News: ‘For some electric vehicle owners, recharging now more costly than filling up’ – Prius recharge ‘now 50% more expensive than fueling it with gas’ BY IRINA IVANOVA Here’s how much electricity prices have surged in parts of New England this winter: For some drivers of electric vehicles and hybrid cars, it’s now more expensive to charge up than to fill up. Power rates across the region have jumped an average of 30% since last summer, while gasoline prices […]

EPA Administrator’s Absence At East Palestine Train Disaster Is Inexcusable By Mandy Gunasekara If 80 to 90% of the job is just showing up, the Biden Cabinet is absolutely failing. This is the legacy of an absentee president who has brought on board an absentee cast of secretaries and administrators whose aloof approach to serious jobs is causing harm to the American people today. […]

‘Untruth Industry’: Journalist Society Weaponizing Disinformation: ‘Climate Reporters Push Prohibition of Oil & Natural Gas Voices’ By Aaron Johnson A leading group of climate journalists is campaigning in 2023 to weaponize claims of “disinformation” and bar voices supporting oil and natural gas from news stories. Ironically, based on their own standards these reporters are advancing disinformation of their own. The Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ), an association of 1,400 reporters […]