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Tucker nails it: Apocalyptic climate doom is the religion of urban atheists and now has become the official state religion

Friday night’s opening monologue on Tucker Carlson Tonight was a further demonstration of why Mr. Carlson is the most important political commentator in the United States.  He takes on and explains political issues in ways that clarify what is really going on and uses his considerable dramatic skills to engage and keep a mass audience focused on what can be rather abstract issues.

This is not to denigrate other brilliant conservatives such as Victor Davis Hanson — who Tucker recently acknowledged “without shame” is smarter than he is — but rather to acknowledge the accessibility and reach that his perch as the top-rated cable news program host gives him.

Tucker began his monologue by grounding it an observation made a couple of decades ago by the late Michael Crichton, an absolutely brilliant original thinker who became a bestselling author, movie producer, and director: that apocalyptic climate doom had become the religion of the urban atheist class, which now rules politics and which has made it into our state religion.

This is must-see TV.  If you didn’t watch it last night, give yourself a treat and watch it today.


Tucker, with Michael Crichton in the background (YouTube screen grab).