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Watch: Morano goes on epic rant about Anthony Fauci cashing in on his fame from pushing authoritarian COVID lockdowns

Full interview here: 

Excerpt: Morano: “Fauci turned the entire public health response on its head. In other words, pre-2019, there wasn’t a single epidemiology book that said, ‘If you’re faced with a virus, you need to shut schools, businesses, churches — issue, stay at home orders, cancel weddings, funerals, cancel all medical treatment, and create the most disruptive — literally the most disruptive action — by any government since any World War that we’ve had in our lifetimes. This is what Anthony Fauci presided over with his Coronavirus restrictions through the NIH and, of course, CDC and of course, the whole Coronavirus public health bureaucracy. So this man now wants to impart that wisdom. We now know Fauci’s approach was a disaster: excess deaths: we know that deferred treatments of medical care kiiled, we know it created a mental health crisis, a drug addiction crisis occurred, a crisis occurred amongst student education. You literally can’t get a man, Anthony Fauci, who has been more disastrous to modern Western society in one single act. The Coronavirus lockdown movement — he embodied it, and now he wants to cash in on it up to 100,000 per speech. I should say he’s already cashed it. He was the highest-paying government bureaucrat.”