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You Will Go Nowhere & Be Happy! Biden Admin Floats New Strategy To ‘Address the Climate Crisis’: Don’t Leave Your House – Reduce CO2 emissions with more ‘remote work & virtual interactions’

By Mike LaChance

As you know by now, Joe Biden is obsessed with climate change, or at least pretends to be in order to curry favor with the Democrats’ far left base.

Biden’s newest plan to fight climate change is to encourage people to stay home. To work remotely when possible and drive less.

This is an idea that they obviously got from the pandemic.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

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Biden Admin Floats New Strategy To ‘Address the Climate Crisis’: Don’t Leave Your House

The COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t all bad, a new Biden administration plan to fight climate change argues: It at least “highlighted major opportunities” to reduce travel demand and lower carbon emissions through “remote work and virtual interactions.”

The plan—which President Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency and Energy, Transportation, and Housing departments released in January—aims to “eliminate nearly all greenhouse gas emissions” from the transportation sector by 2050, mostly through a transition to electric vehicles. Also included in the plan, however, is a controversial call to reduce “commuting miles” through “an increase in remote work and virtual engagements,” including in education.

“Telework and other components of a digital economy … can improve convenience by reducing travel demand, especially for work commuting,” the plan states. “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted major opportunities for telework, with some studies showing the possibility of 10 percent long-term reduction in annual vehicle miles traveled.” The plan goes on to identify “remote access to services like health care and education” as one of the “key determinants of future travel demand.”

Where are they going with this? Jazz Shaw of Hot Air has a prediction:

I can’t shake the feeling that this brings us one step closer to a declared “climate emergency.” You people can all stay locked down in your homes voluntarily to save the polar bears or we can declare an emergency and lock you down like we did during COVID.

That probably sounds like tinfoil hat territory to some of you, but is it really? Back during the early days of the lockdowns, social distancing rules and the rest of the madness, I was warning people about this.

Your freedom and choices will have to be reduced in order to fight climate change, you see.


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