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Poll: Democratic voters cheer on gas stove ban: Majority of Dems support a natural gas ban, most GOP & Independents opposed or undecided

By Thomas Catenacci | Fox News

Most Democratic voters would welcome a ban on natural gas hookups in new construction and buildings located in their own communities, according to a poll conducted last month.

Roughly 56% of Democrats said they would support such a ban, which would effectively mandate electric stovetop and heating appliances in new construction, while just 26% would oppose a ban and 18% were undecided, according to a poll conducted between Jan. 18-19 by Morning Consult. By comparison, 39% of Independent voters and 28% of Republican voters would support a natural gas hookup ban.

Overall, 42% of all adult-age Americans surveyed would support the ban and 39% would oppose it, the poll showed. However, 38% of homeowners would support it compared to the 47% who oppose the ban.

In addition, the Morning Consult survey showed that, among all adults who owned gas stoves, 46% were interested in switching to electric versions and 44% weren’t interested. Half of the respondents, though, said electric stoves don’t work as well as natural gas-powered stoves.