Chinese Communist Party-Linked Solar Panel Company Could Reap ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Handouts With US Factory By JACK MCEVOY JA Solar, a Chinese green energy giant whose chairman is tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has leased a plot of land in Phoenix, Arizona, to construct a $60 million solar panel factory that is poised to benefit from huge green energy tax incentives included in the Inflation Reduction Act […]

UK Guardian: To Solve the Climate Crisis We Need to Change How We Think about Wealth By Eric Worrall “… We need to leave the age of fossil fuel behind, swiftly and decisively. But what drives our machines won’t change until we change what drives our ideas. …” ‘If you win the popular imagination, you change the game’: why we need new stories on climate So much is happening, both […]

IEA: Renewables dig the Earth! Net Zero goals will ‘require 6 times more mineral’ demand – ‘Electric car requires 6 times’ more minerals than gas car & ‘Wind plant requires 9 times more minerals than a gas-fired plant’ Click to access TheRoleofCriticalMineralsinCleanEnergyTransitions.pdf IEA (2021), The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions, IEA, Paris The Role of Critical World Energy Outlook Special Report Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions Excerpts: Solar photovoltaic (PV) plants, wind farms and electric vehicles (EVs) generally require more minerals to build than their fossil fuel-based counterparts. […]

Alex Epstein: ‘Calls to ban gas stoves are anti-science, anti-freedom, & anti-energy’ By Alex Epstein Calls to ban gas stoves are anti-science, anti-freedom, and anti-energy Instead of informing us with accurate science about gas stoves so we can make better decisions, anti-fossil fuel activists are distorting science to justify forcing their anti-gas agenda on us. 🧵👇  Early 2023 has featured a carefully orchestrated campaign in […]

Listen: Morano on The Joe Piscopo Show on possible gas stove ban – ‘Everyday we wake up & find some unelected bureaucrat is seeking to ban something’

  Related:  More Bans! NY Gov. Hochul seeks gas heating ban in new homes & buildings ‘because climate change remains the greatest threat to our planet’ ‘Classic Junk Science’ Biden admin seeks ban on gas stoves based on single meta-analysis co-authored by WEF partnered climate activist group seeking ‘carbon free buildings’ Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. rips gas […]