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Watch: Paul Ehrlich in 1970 urging the govt should use FCC to force negative depictions of large families & ‘throw you in jail if you have too many’ children

Here’s Paul Ehrlich in 1970 saying that the government needs to become increasingly tyrannical to stop child birth. Says the gov’t should use the FCC to force negative depictions of large families and eventually “throw you in jail if you have too many” children. — Vince Coglianese (@VinceCoglianese) January 3, 2023 "You oughta make […]

WATCH: ‘60 Minutes’ Gives Airtime to ‘Population Bomb’ Fanatic to Prophesy Mass Extinction By Joseph Vazquez CBS took a page out of the movie script from Ron Howard’s Inferno (2016) and gave airtime to the widely-debunked, overpopulation-obsessed Paul Ehrlich to stoke new conniptions over extinction. Ehrlich decried population “growth mania” during the New Year’s Day edition of CBS’s 60 Minutes. 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley arbitrarily praised Ehrlich’s doomsday-predicting chops: “At the age of 90, biologist […]

‘Is CBS really this stupid???’ Features failed doomsday preacher Paul Ehrlich making more dire predictions

Is this archive footage from the 70s or is Ehrlich still around? Is CBS really this stupid??? — Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) January 2, 2023 Is this archive footage from the 70s or is Ehrlich still around? Is CBS really this stupid??? Here’s a straight news story unironically promoting the predictions of a man […]

Watch: In 2023, CBS ’60 Minutes’ Promotes Paul Ehrlich Warning of Doom for Earth- But in 1970s, Ehrlich Claimed Billions Would Die From Global Cooling By Michael Shellenberger On Sunday night, CBS’s flagship news program, “60 Minutes,” highlighted warnings from a Stanford University biologist named Paul Ehrlich. In the broadcast, Ehrlich claimed, “humanity is not sustainable… for the entire planet, you’d need five more Earths.” But that claim was debunked in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Plos Biology, by leading scientists, including the Chief Scientist of […]

No, Humans Are NOT Causing A ‘Sixth Mass Extinction’ – CBS ’60 Minutes’ sacrifices its credibility in selling apocalyptic pseudoscience By Michael Shellenberger On CBS “60 Minutes” last night, scientists claimed that humans are causing a “sixth mass extinction” and that we would need the equivalent of five planet earths for all humans to live at current Western levels. “No, humanity is not sustainable to maintain our lifestyle — yours and mine,” claimed Stanford University biologist […]

There is no overpopulation crisis BY: DAVID HARSANYI Earth is headed for a sixth extinction, warned biologist Paul Ehrlich on “60 Minutes” this Sunday. And since Ehrlich has predicted about 20 extinctions over the past 60 years, he’s a leading expert on the issue. Couldn’t “60 Minutes” find a fresh-faced, yet-to-be-discredited neo-Malthusian to hyperventilate about the end of the world? Why […]

Professor: Climate change is ‘white colonization of the atmosphere’ By DAVE HUBER White people are at it again — this time they’re “colonizing the atmosphere,” according to an Australian professor. Erin Fitz-Henry, who teaches anthropology and “development studies” at the University of Melbourne, writes in The Conversation that the notion of climate change being “racist” actually isn’t new; the medical journal The Lancet noted that as of […]

UCLA law prof & UN ‘Racism’ Envoy: ‘Hi-tech capitalist solutions’ for climate change are ‘perpetuating racism’ By DAVE HUBER ‘Every action that is taken in relation to ecological crisis […] has racial justice implications’ A law professor at UCLA believes “hi-tech capitalist solutions” for the alleged climate-change crisis are “perpetuating racism.” Tendayi Achiume (pictured), who’s finishing up her tenure as United Nations Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, […]