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Morano puts eco-terrorists suspected of vandalizing power stations into perspective: ‘The real terrorism to the grid is the Green New Deal proposals & the Inflation Reduction Act’

Marc Morano, Former Senior Staff Member of the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee, publisher of, and the author of “Green Fraud”Topic: New York City and NYS Energy Following Storm and Cold Weather

The Joe Piscopo Show Broadcast December 27, 2022

Morano: These grids are being attacked, the same way that the SUVs have been regularly torched in many places by these environmental activists who don’t want to see SUVs on the road. They’re going after the grid because they want to create chaos. Vladimir Lenin, during the Russian Revolution in Czarist Russia would say ‘The worse, the better.’ So the idea is, the more chaos they can create, the more likely you’re going to have their government-favored nationalization and takeover of industries.

But here’s the here’s the big — the bigger picture. Yeah, this is kind of like the guy holding up at gunpoint and taking your wallet on the street. But the real terrorism to the grid isn’t coming from the people attacking this grid. It’s coming from people like [former California Governor] Arnold Schwarzenegger, who 15 years ago signed the ‘historic’ California climate legislation, which led to California facing blackouts and the highest electricity prices in the country.

The real terrorists to our grid are the Green New Deal proposals and the Inflation Reduction Act, and solar and wind mandates. There is no reason why any modern grid should have energy shortages. The only reason they have shortages is because of the green agenda that’s infiltrated itself into our energy policy due to due to politics based on wacky ideological science.

So we can be mad at these activists for actually torching and destroying the grid or going after SUVs. But the real culprit is green energy policies. 

Joe Piscopo: Marc Morano, you’re the man. Keep the fight. We love having you on the show more. Thank you so much for taking the time. Happy New Year, and let’s keep up the fight. Come back anytime please.


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In November, two PSU power stations in Washington state were attacked which caused the FBI to begin looking into the events, according to The Seattle Times. Similar events at electricity substations in Oregon and North Carolina have been reported to the bureau, and Washington law enforcement received an FBI memo warning of such attacks.