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Eco-Terrorists suspected of vandalizing power stations, thousands without power

Eco-Terrorists Suspected Vandals of Tacoma Power StationsGateway Pundit’s report was Thousands Lose Power After Three Substations Sabotaged in Tacoma, Included were quotes from Seattle Times. 

Deputies arrived on scene and saw there was forced entry into the fenced area. Nothing had been taken from the substation, but the suspect vandalized the equipment causing a power outage in the area. 

Deputies were notified of a second burglary to the TPU substation at 8820 224th St E which also had forced entry with damage to the equipment. Nothing was taken from this site either.

At 11:25 we were notified by Puget Sound Energy that they too had a power outage this morning at 02:39 am. Deputies are currently on scene at this facility where the fenced area was broken into and the equipment vandalized.

In November, two PSU power stations in Washington state were attacked which caused the FBI to begin looking into the events, according to The Seattle Times. Similar events at electricity substations in Oregon and North Carolina have been reported to the bureau, and Washington law enforcement received an FBI memo warning of such attacks.