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Let’s get rid of food – what could possibly go wrong? – Our betters are engineering a global famine ‘for the common good’ By Patrice Lewis Despite months of enormous and widespread protests from Dutch farmers, the Dutch government will be confiscating 3,000 farms and closing them down in the interests of complying with EU environmental rules to decrease nitrogen emissions by 50% by 2030. Of course, this means 3,000 farms’ worth of food production will be eliminated. The Netherlands […]

Climate change affecting Christmas tree farms across Canada, expert says – ‘Experienced prolonged drought & extreme heat over the last two summers’ VANCOUVER — The effects of climate change are taking a toll on Christmas tree farms across Canada, with one forestry expert and the head of the Canadian Christmas Tree Association saying the sector that’s already undergoing shifts will need to adapt. The festive trees take eight to 12 years to reach the size most […]

To End Climate Lunacy, Stop Treating Warming & C02 Hysterically By David Simon Those who oppose economically destructive “climate” policies – like those promoted by the Biden administration and at the recent United Nations COP27 conference – will continue to fail to stop the advance of these policies so long as they continue to accept the false claim that warming of the planet and carbon […]

UN Sec-Gen Guterres Falsely Claims Weather Disasters Have Increased 500% in 50 Years BY CHRIS MORRISON Last September, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres claimed climate, weather and water-related disasters had increased by 500% over the last 50 years. According to the political and environmental science writer Professor Roger Pielke this is “pure misinformation“. He goes on to suggest that “you will never find a more obvious and egregious […]

Great News! ‘Climate misinformation’ spreads on Musk’s Twitter – Twitter boosts ‘accounts of serial climate misinformers’ including ‘Morano, who runs a climate denial blog’ By Scott Waldman Scientists say they’re experiencing more climate denial on Twitter since Elon Musk became owner of the social media platform. Claudine Hellmuth/POLITICO (illustration); Britta Pedersen-Pool/Getty Images (Musk); At Tesla, Elon Musk helped kick-start an electric vehicle revolution that will meaningfully cut greenhouse gas emissions. Now, as Twitter’s CEO, he’s overseeing one of the world’s […]