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UN Biodiversity Summit COP15 Agreement: Redistribute Billions From Rich To Poor Nations To Achieve ‘Conserve’ 30% of Land & Water By Gabriella Hoffman At the 15th annual United Nations Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in Montreal, Canada, event organizers proposed a “historic” Global Biodiversity Framework to implement the “30-by-30” initiative globally. The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework will require a “whole of government” and “whole of society” approach to conserve 30% of “waters” and 30% of “lands” by 2030. What’s the […]

Biden’s natural gas ‘phase out’ is the next looming disaster By JAZZ SHAW Back on December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day, appropriately enough), the Biden administration issued a declaration via the Department of Energy ordering all new or refurbished federal buildings to eliminate the use of natural gas and become fully “electrified” beginning in 2025. The order didn’t receive much attention in the press at the time, […]