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Claim: Bill Gates Is Promoting ‘Surveillance Agriculture’

By Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.


‘Bill Gates ordered a hamburger’

Brand asked Shiva about the role of Bill Gates and other Big Tech “mongrels and titans” in this increasing “technologization” of food and agriculture.

Shiva responded with a story.

Years ago, she explained, Gates visited the Indian president at the presidential palace where “really beautiful banquets are put out for international guests.”

“Here was all this wonderful Indian food, and Bill Gates ordered a hamburger,” Shiva said, adding, “That’s the level of his food literacy.”

She criticized Gates’ gene-editing in food production, noting that “life is complex [and] self-organized. It’s not a Word program that you can cut and paste with no consequence.” In editing one gene, 1,500 other genes get destabilized, she told Brand.

Shiva also criticized Gates’ “digital agriculture.” The concept doesn’t make sense, she said, because agriculture is about “living seed” and the trillions of organisms outside and inside our gut, she contended.

According to Shiva, what Gates is promoting as digital agriculture relies on large-scale monocultures — “basically a surveillance agriculture” — in which farmers are “forced to get addicted to chemicals and chemical fertilizers” that harm the planet and people while reducing natural biodiversity.

There was “no way” a surveillance drone could monitor her highly biodiverse farm, she said. “It would get thoroughly confused.”