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Watch: Morano on OAN TV praises Biden’s effort to ban fossil fuel use in federal buildings: ‘He is going to make fed workers live in a Net Zero world…A less efficient bureaucracy is what we actually want’

One America News TV – Broadcast December 9, 2022 – In Focus with Addison Smith

Morano: We money to be funneled through the United Nations so they can skim off whatever they need. We don’t need a climate reparations fund because our SUVs and thermostats and our modern way of living did not cause bad weather in the developing World in Africa and South America. In fact, bad weather has been less extreme on climate time scales, and the death toll from climate related deaths has dropped 99% over the past 100 years, so if anything, we should be getting a refund on all the Investments because they’ve been spectacular. Fossil fuels have made us safe from bad weather, and that’s what we should be encouraging, not limiting, development and doing handouts. The United Nations climate reparations fund is wrong on so many levels.